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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pelosi: Ney Should Resign Today

"One month after Bob Ney admitted guilt to criminal conspiracy, the Republican leadership continued to keep him on the Congressional payroll at taxpayer expence. Im just one month on the Congressional payroll. Bob Ney makes more than minimum wage workers make in a year. Now the Republican leadership is keeping him on the Congressional payroll at taxpayers expence for another month. Two months is far to long."

"Clearly , Mr. Ney's judgment has been impaired for a long time: He broke the law, he denied it and blamed others, and now he has admitted his quilt, he refuses to step aside."

"It's time for Mr. Ney and the Republican leadership to act responsibly. Mr. Ney should resign today.

People how much more do you need to see and hear . ITS TIME FOR CHANGE!!!!