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Thursday, September 07, 2006


WASHINGTON---House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi sent the following letter to Speaker Hastert today urging him to work with Democrats to write a bipartisan resolution marking the anniversary of September 11 that is modeled from last year's resolution and is free of controversial politicl issues.

U.S. Newswire
September 7, 2006

Below is the context of the letter:

September 7, 2006

The Honorable J. Dennis Hastert, Speaker, United States House of Representatives, H-232, The Capitol, Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Mr. Speaker:

Earlier this week, I wrote to you urging that the resolution commemorating the 5th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, which will be considered next Tuesday by the House, reflect the solemnity of the anniversary. My request, and my continuing hope, is that this resolution avoid any semblance of partisan politics, and toward that end, I suggested that we model this year's resolution on the version approved by the House last year on a nearly unanimous basis.

The draft resolution that you sent to my office last evening unfortunately injects controversial political issues into a subject that must remain free of partisan and political rhetoric. While properly reflecting the outrage of our nation over the attacks of September 11 and praising both U.S. and foreign law enforcement officials who have investigated and thwarted potential terrorist attacks, the draft text contains several sections praising the work of the Congress and referencing legislation that was highly controversial on a bipartisan basis.

It is inappropriate, in this solemn and commemorative resolution, to reference legislation which generated bipartisan opposition and controversy. Inclusion of these sections introduces an unwelcome and totally unnecessary partisan tone to a resolution that must be above politics. This is not a time to praise Congress; it is time to offer our sympathies to the families of those who suffered losses on September 11.

I continue to offer the resources of my office to work together with your staff to craft a 9/11 resolution that expresses our deep sympathies to the families of those who lost loved ones and which reasserts our bipartisan commitment to protecting the American people, combating international terrorism, and providing real security and American leadership throughout the world.


Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader


The number of Americans calling themselves Republicans has fallen to its lowest level in more than two-and-a-half years. Just 31.0% of American adults now say they're affiliated with the GOP. That's down from 37.2% in October 2004 and 34.5% at the beginning of 2006. These results come from Rasmussen Reports tracking surveys of 15,000 voters per month and have a margin of sampling error smaller than a percentage point.

Rasmussen Reports
September 2006

The number of Democrats has grown slightly, from 36.1% at the beginning of the year to 37.3% now.

Those who claim to be unaffilitaed have increased to 30.8% this month. That's the highest total recorded since Rasmussen Reports began releasing this data in January 2004.

Add it all together and the Democrats have their biggest net advantage. More than 5 percentage points since January 2004. In the first month of 2006, the Democrats' advantage was just 1.6 percentage points. Last month, 32.8% of adults said they were Republicans and 36.8% identified themselves as Democrats.

While the party affiliation trends continue moving in the Democrats' direction, the battle for control of the Senate keeps getting closer. Our September 1 update of the Senate Balance of Power summary shows Republicans likely to emerge from election 2006 with 50 seats. Democrats with 47, and 3 in the Toss-Up category.

The President's Job Approval ratings continue to hover around the 40% mark and voters everywhere believe the political system is badly broken.

Please keep in mind that figures reported in this article are for all adults, not Likely Voters. Republicans typically do a bit better among Likely Voters (in fact, the 2 parties ended up even among those who showed up to vote in 2004).

This national telephone survey of 15,000 Likely Voters was conducted by Rasmussen Reports August, 2006.


Three day event offers food, shelter, clothes and other aide.

Record Searchlight
By: Jim Schultz
via: VA Watchdog/Larry Scott
September 1, 2006

ANDERSON---Homeless north state veterans could get a helping hand Oct.13-15 during "Stand Down 2006" at the Shasta District Fair grounds.

Sponsored by the North Valley Stand Down Association in Redding, the 3-day event is designed to help veterans in need by providing services such as food shelter, clothing and health screenings, as well as VA and Social Security benefits counseling.

It will also provide referrals for other important services, such as housing, employment and substance abuse treatment.

The nonprofit group, established earlier this year, estimates there are 2,700 homeless veterans and their families living in the area between Marysville and the Oregon border.

This is the first collaborative stand down planned in Shasta County, but the event has been held throughout the nation, starting in the late 1980s. according to the U.S. Dept. of VA.

The first such event was organized in 1988 by a group of veterans in San Diego, and since then it has been effective in reaching out to homeless veterans, the VA says.

The VA estimates that more than 200,000 veterans and their families were helped by stand downs between 1994 and 2000.

According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, the events are modeled after the stand down concept used in the Vietnam War, which was designed to provide safe retreat for units returning from combat.

Secure base camp areas allowed troops to take showers, obtain clean uniforms, eat warm meals, receive medical care, read their mail and write letters, it said.

Those wishing to donate money or volunteer to help in the upcoming event may do so by contacting the North Valley Stand Down Association, P.O. Box 991088, Redding, CA 96099-1088.

Further information may also be obtained by calling Levin Marshall, veterans representatitve for the state Employment Development Department in Redding, at 225-2194.


Sept. 2, 2006 (EIRNS)---"They are lying their heads off" to conceal an ongoing U.S. economic collapse was Lyndon LaRouche's response to international media coverage of the U.S. Census Bureau's major annual report. LaRouche commented that the people who wrote the public report "had to have been using a Bush League calculator."

The Census Bureau's "Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States, 2005" was presented to the media on the morning of Aug. 29 with three basic conclusions: Americans' median income gained; poverty stopped rising; but more Americans lacked health insurance. The first two conclusions---which dominated much national and international coverage of the report as "an indicator of the U.S. economy"---are false. Furthermore, the same fabrication characterized the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on August employment and wages, released three days later on Sept. 1.

The Census Bureau measured its income data against completely fraudulent standards: The Consumer Price Index (CPI), systematically falsified by several decades of applying "quality adjustment factors" to reduce the apparent prices of goods, and "dedonic indices" and "substitution formulae" to remove inflating goods from the CPI altogether, and the long out-of-date official "Federal poverty line."

But the Bureau found---even against the laughable increase the CPI was permitted to show in 2005---that the "real" earned incomes of the great majority of American workers---the non-supervisory employees, those outside the upper 20 percentities by wealth---fell substantially again in 2005, for the fifth year. The median income was 1.8% for men and 1.3% for women. Also for workers' households: the median real income did not rise, but fell by 0.7% for all households of those under 65 years of age. The wealthiest 20%'s real earnings increased, their share of income reached a record 51%; the rest fell.

As to poverty---any real measure of basic household subsistence---after 20 years of rapidly inflating medical-care costs, almost a decade of skyrocketting housing costs, six years of energy-price spikes, and ballooning household debt---would find the "poverty line" for a family of four not at the official $19,000 but at $36-40,000 annual income; it would find not 37 million, but 55-60 million Americans fallen into poverty. The poorest counties and poorest regions in the country got poorer in 2005---as major newspapers of the former industrial belt, such as the Cleveland Plain Dealer, made clear, even amid the lying reports of the Census Bureau's findings. Even officially, the percentage of American families in "deep poverty"---half the official "poverty line" income---went up.

Again on Sept. 1, the BLS reported that average weekly earnings of U.S. employees had dropped by another substantial 1% from July to August 2006, as more industrial jobs disappeared---but media reporting, fastening on a miniscule 0.1% rise in the average hourly wage, lied that "Americans' earnings rose."

This Bush Administration and media lying aims to deny the real, ongoing collapse in the United States' underlying economy, and the breakdown of the system of extreme "globalization" worldwide.


"These findings certainly don't inspire much confidence that sensitive personal information is being adequately protected."

Just what veterans need...more bad news about personal information security.

Outsourcing (PRIVATIZING) is the prime culprit.

GAO report highlights here...

GAO full report here...

Information Week
By: Thomas Claburn
via: VA Watchdog dot org
Larry Scott
September 7, 2006

Government Report Finds Health Care Breaches rampant

Agencies and contractors that experienced privacy breaches collectively have access to medical data for more than 100 million Americans.

Over 40% of federal health insurance contractors and state Medicaid agencies reported experiencing a privacy breach involving personal health information in the past 2 years, according to a Government Accounting Office (GAO) report released on Tuesday.

The contractors and agencies collectively have access to medical data covering more than 100 million Americans, the report says.

"That's a shocking finding," says Beth Givens, director of Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a non-profit consumer advocacy group. "It's not only the number of breaches but the sensitivity of the information breached."

The GAO report, "Domestic and Offshore Outsourcing of Personal Information in Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE," examines the role that private firms, federal agencies, and state Medicaid agencies play in administering three of the nation's largest public health insurance programs---Medicare, Medicaid, and the Department of Defense's TRICARE program.

Beyond noting the pervasiveness of privacy breaches, the report finds that the outsourcing of services involving personal health information is also common. Over 90% of Medicare contractors and state Medicaid agencies and 63% of TRICARE contractors reported some domestic outsourcing in 2005, typically involving anywhere from 3 to 20 U.S. vendors.

While relatively few organizations sent personal health information offshore---33 Medicare Advantage contractors, 2 Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) contractors, and 1 Medicaid agency said their domestic vendors had transferred peronal health information offshore---the GAO believes the extent of offshore outsourcing may be underestimated "because many of the federal contractors and agencies did not know whether their domestic vendors transferred personal health information to other locations or vendors."

Givens said the report indicates that there's not enough security for healthcare records. "These findings certainly don't inspire much confidence that sensitive personal information is being adequately protected," she says.

The GAO recommends that the privacy breach notification requirements that currently apply to TRICARE and Medicare FFS contractors should be extended to other Medicare contractors that will deal with personal health information and to state Medicaid agencies.

***How are the Repubs good for national security? All of these little things that nobody thinks about is part of national security!