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Sunday, July 16, 2006


***Here's some food for thought! This article was published on May 30, 2004 for World Media Monitors by Ahmed Amr. It just might explain what's happening in the Middle East today.


"We can only hope that a slumbering America will wake up to the real and present danger of giving this very simple and dangerous President a mandate of a second term in office. If he gets four more years, we might just find ourselves two years away from Armageddon."

A few weeks ago, on April 14th, George Bush decided to void the Palestinians' right to return to their homeland. The President also took the occasion to make illegal Jewish settlements a permanent 'fact on the ground.' In a single press conference with Ariel Sharon, he managed to truncate the size of a Palestinian state and assault the fundamental human rights of refugees around the world. One has to assume that Bush has now assumed the right to decide which other group of refugees can forget about ever returning to their native lands.

But unilaterally making this radical departure from the policies of every American administration since 1948, Bush dispatched Elliott Abrams to negotiate terms with Sharon. Abrams, the radical Likudnik activist of Iran/Contra fame, has a history of beating the drums of the Netenyahu wing of the Likud party. His mission was to convince Netenyahu to accept the terms of the 'moderate' Sharon who had declared his intention to withdraw from Gaza.

Abrams convinced Netenyahu to agree to stop lobbying against Sharon's plan, which was scheduled to come up for a vote in the Likud party. But his agreement came with a stiff price. Netenyahu's 'generous offer' was contingent on getting American assurances that the Palestinians right to return would be voided and that the settlements would become legal.

Upon returning to America, Abrams held a meeting within the White House with the leadership of the Christian Zionist movement, a key Bush constituency. He wanted to reassure them that Gaza was not part of biblical Israel and evacuating it would not stall the Second Coming of Jesus or the prospects of a timely advent of the rapture and the end of times. You have to marvel at the marketing skills of this Likudnik fanatic who doesn't even believe in the First Coming of the Messiah.

In any case, Abrams managed to convince Bush that he had cut a great deal.

All Bush needed to do was to stiff the Palestinians on a few of their rights and shrink the boundaries of the Palestinian Bantustan to accommodate Israeli expansionist fantasies. In return, Netenyahu would not actively obstruct a critical vote in the Likud. The president accepted Netenyahu's 'generous offer." By the time Sharon landed in Washington, Bush had prepared a letter officially commiting to Netenyahu's terms. For the Palestinians, it was the Second Coming of the Balfour Declaration.

Abrams didn't go to Israel to negotiate American terms with Sharon. He was there to settle an internal Likud party squabble. As a confirmed member of the Netenyahu wing of the Likud, he wanted to draw a line in the sand for the 'moderate' Sharon. In effect, Bush had dispatched one Likudnik fox to negotiate with another Likudnik fox on how best to cook the chicken.

As promised, the reluctant Netenyahu did not publicly campaign against Sharon's plan. But he wasn't about to endorse it either. When the vote took place, the Likud faithful turned down 'the compromise.' So, the Israelis pocketed George's concession of Palestinian real estate and laughed all the way to the West Bank.

After the Likud party turned down the idea to withdrawing from Gaza, the Israelis came back and got a green light from the Bush administration to batter the Palestinians. Sharon explained that he needed to torment the refugees in Gaza to shore up his standing in the Likud after failing to get approval for his plan. Bush understood. After a few weeks of demolishing homes and killing dozens of Palestinians, the people of Gaza staged acts of resistance that resulted in the death of thirteen Israeli soldiers.

As usual, Sharon lost his temper and Bush agreed that Israel had the right to defend its soldiers from the 'terrorists' who had the audacity to resist Sharon's efforts to demonstrate his toughness in front of the Netenyahu wing of the Likud. The president of the free world had an AIPAC engagement coming up and that's never a good time to bring up the issue of Palestinians' rights to life, and the pursuit of happiness. So once again, Bush expressed sympathy and gave a green light to 'Operation Rainbow." The rape of Rafah was on.

In an effort to resolve a feud within the Likid, Elliott Abrams had set in motion a major Israeli killing spree.

Abram's Likudnik antics are typical of the standard operating procedure in the Bush administration. In reviewing the resumes of the folks Bush appoointed as architects of a 'Greater Middle East,' one runs into a who's who list of professional Jewish activists with a long record of supporting the most extreme right wing factions in Israel.

Wolfowitz's sister actually gave up on America and immigrated to Israel. Like his sibling, he has spent his whole adult life working on Likudnik agendas. Douglas Feith's law partner in Israel represents the right wing settler movement. Lewis Libby, the lawyer who convinced Clinton to pardon the tax dodging Mark Rich, has well established ties to Israeli intelligence. Richard Perle sits on the board of the Jerusalem Post and works with Conrad Black, a media mogul and Zionist propagandist. Along with Dick Cheney's wife, all four are affiliated with the neo-con movement that has its imprint all over Bush's Middle East policies.

Before joining the Bush administration, this neo-con cabal agitated against the Oslo agreement and worked on Netenyahu's election campaign. Dick Cheney and his wife actually retained Bernard Lewis to tutor our president of vice on the 'Arab mind.' Lewis is a vicious anti-Arab racist and a suspect pseudo-academic who was convicted in a French court of denying the Armenian genocide.

One has to be extremely delusional to subscribe to the notion that any of these characters are interested in the freedom of any pedigree of Arabs, be they Iraqi or Palestinian. Quite the contrary. Their real motives are to subjugate and humiliate Arabs into accepting Sharon dictates.

It should come as no surprise that Douglas Feith was the Pentagon official who signed off on the torturing and sexually humiliating Iraqi prisoners. Or that Feith and Libby are the main suspects in leaking the identity of Valerie Plame, a CIA agent. Or that Wolfowitz and Perle virtually created Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress and collaborated with the INC in fabricating false intelligence and feeding it to neo-con media operatives like Judith Miller and Charles Krauthammer. Or that Libby and Feith were the force behind setting up the Office of Special Plans that sabotages the CIA's and DIA's intelligence gathering operations. Or that Feith was in charge of the now discredited post invasion fantasies. Or that Paul Bremer, the current emperor of Baghdad, is a self-declared neo-con and a protege' of Henry Kissinger. Or that Michael Rubin, a neo-con zealot, was given a major role in administering our Iraqi colony. After his assignment in Baghdad, Rubin went back to his desk at the American Enterprise Institute.

These are the Bush advisers that prey on the mind of a president who believes he is getting battle plans from God. They write his speeches and condense the news that he can't bother to read. Even Republican Senators are alarmed at the virtual seclusion of this President behind a wall of Pentagon guards recruited from the ranks of the Israeli lobby.

None of this is a secret. It is just one of those taboo subjects that can get you libeled as an anti-Semite if you so much as hint at who these people are or question their allegiance to a foreign state ruled by a serial war criminal. But some prominent Americans have apparently had enough of their shenanigans. Retired General Anthony Zinni and Senator Hollings and others are finally taking them on. Zinni, in a challenge to the complicit silence of many in Washington, recently appeared on a 60 Minutes program and said, "I know what strategy they promoted. And openly. And for a number of years. And what they have convinced the president and the secretary to do. And I don't believe there is any serious political leader, military leader, diplomat in Washington that doesn't know where it came from."

Zinni is not just any old retired General. During his military career, this distinguished American officer served for four years as the commander-in-chief of the United States Central Command, in charge of American forces in the Middle East.

The Israeli Lobby has always had an extraordinary amount of influence on American foreign policy. With Bush, they have hit the jackpot because they find him so easy to manipulate, especially when they make an appeal to his faith. He is at once the most peculiar and the most transparent of Presidents. If he appears to be cruel, he is just administering the wrath of God on planet earth. For him, Palestinian and Iraqi sufferings are a necessary price to pay to bring on Armageddon. He is an opportunist preaching to the flock. He is part of the Christian Zionist movement. The designated priests of this Christian heresy are folks like Abrams who must get a huge kick out of messing around with the collective emotions of these holy rollers.

We can only hope that a slumbering America will wake up to the real and present danger of iving this very simple and very dangerous President a mandate of a second term in office. If he gets four more years, we just might find ourselves two years away from Armageddon.

***Since Bush stole the elections in both 2000 and 2004, maybe it's time to make him a lame duck president. It's time to vot out the Republicans that have allowed Bush to get as far as he has.

Have you noticed the timing? 2 years and look at what is happening in Lebanon! Bush is the only one condoning this. If he wants the end days to com, then give the man a pistol. He and his type need to be alone on an island somewhere. Everyone isn't of his religion. I don't even think everyone that is the same religion want to die, especially in World War III.



FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas---A diversion of dollars to help fight the war in Iraq has helped create a $530M shortfall for Army posts at home and abroad, leaving some unable to pay utility bills or even cut the grass.

In San Antonio, Fort Sam Houston hasn't been able to pay its $1.4M monthly utility bill since March, prompting workers in many of the post's administrative building to receive automated disconnection notices.

Fort Bragg in North Carolina can't afford to buy pens, paper, or other office supplies until the new fiscal year starts in October.

And in Kentucky, Fort Knox has to close one of its eight dining halls for a month and lay off 133 contract workers.

"Everytime something goes away it impacts a person,,,a soldier or their family or one of our civilians," said Colonel Wendy Martinson, garrison commander at Fort Houston, which has 27,300 military and civilian workers. "I'm in charge of taking care of them, not taking things away from them."

***This goes to show you where the Bush administration's priorities lie, and it's not with the American people. Bush has dissociated himself from all of this and he could care less.

Garrisons function as the city halls of Army installations, providing services such as garbage removal, mail delivery and firefighting.

The Army's Installation Management Agency is $530M short of what it needs through October 1 to fund garrisons at the 117 installations it oversees in the United States, Europe and Asia, agency spokesman Stephen Oertwig said.

The skyrocketing cost of fuel is partly to blame; paying civilians in Asia and Europe is also costing more, Oertwig said.

Another major factor is the practice of funding the war through spending bills outside the annual budget.

As Congress spent months debating the supplemental spending bill, the Army had to divert money from the Installation Management Agency's budget to cover the cost of the war, Oertwig said.

***Let me remind you that our Congress is Republican run!

The Army often diverts money for other programs, in times of war and peace, said Jeremiah Gertler, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

A supplemental spending bill usually replenishes those funds.

***Well then where are the funds?

This year, though, most of the defense money in the $94.5B was earmarked for the war, leaving little to pay back operations accounts, Gertler said.

***Why should our military do without when we have to spend it on a war in Iraq that is going to end in tragedy for the U.S.?

Military officials could have asked for more money to ease the garrison crunch, but they knew a bigger request would have created a bigger fight in Congress, he said.

***This Bush administration makes no sense and the people that vote for them make even less sense! Why should our military be run into the ground while we fight an illegal war in Iraq?

"The Pentagon is reluctant to ask for more than they need for the war because it all looks like it's going to the war and becomes a very controversial bill," Gertler said.


But military analyst Michael O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institute said money management seems to be the larger problem. The Defense Department spends about as much on maintenance and operations as it does on weapons and personnel combined, he said, so there should be more than enough in the bills.

***So then what is the Defense Department doing with the funds?

"It makes me worry if the Pentagon can't do its accounting well enough to find money for its electric bills," he said. "It joggles my mind a little bit."

***Once again, then where is the funds? They surely aren't spending in on the veterans since this Administration and its Republican puppets have taken just about everything that the veterans are entitled to, away from them!

The legislation Congress approved June 15 included $722M for the Installation Management Agency, to be split among its installations.

Martinson still doesn't know how much Fort Sam Houston will get, but she expects it will be enough to pay the electric tab. A spokesman for CPS Energy said the company understands the problem and won't turn off the lights anytime soon.

However, it won't save the jobs of about 100 contract workers Martinson had to let go.

And it won't make it easier for her to scrounge up the dollars to buy chlorine for the pool where soldiers' children take swimming lessons, or purchase the feed for the horses that carry soldiers' caskets to their graves at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.

***The pool isn't necessary but the feed for the horses is! How low can this Administration get?

The new funds also won't change the orders the Installation Management Agency issued in early June to freeze civilian hiring and fire temporary employees, reduce cellphone, pager and government use, and reduce, cancel and defer contracts.

Oertwig expects the austerity to last for at least another year and a half.

"Everyday we're looking at what are those services that are required to keep the Army going and where can we get efficiencies," Oertwig said. "We're looking to get a dollar's worth of service out of 90 cents or less in some cases."

That alarms US Representative Lamar Smith, a Republican whose district includes Fort Sam Houston.

***Then maybe he should have thought about his vote before he casted it!

In a letter to Army Secretary Francis Harvey, Smith said he worries the budget crisis will effect Fort Sam Houston's ability to accomodate the 11,000 additional personnel being sent there starting next year by the Base Closure and Realignment Commission.

"That Fort Sam cannot even pay for basic post operations is, frankly, Mr. Secretary, a disgrace," he wrote.

***Like I said, maybe he should have thought about his vote before he casted it! He's a representative of the people and should have looked into the consequences. Instead, he chose to do what the President wanted, just like all of the Republicans have been doing. Now is not the time to pretend that your concerns are with the people. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!

Source of Info: The Boston Globe
Liz Austin/Associated Press
July 7, 2006


DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP)---Voter unrest over the war in Iraq has elevated foreign policy issues to a rare level of importance in Democratic politics and is the top concern at the moment, potential presidential candidate Russ Feingold said Saturday.

"At the moment, it is probably the most defining issue," the Democratic senator from Wisconsin said. "Whether or not it will be in the middle of the election is not clear."

Feingold opened his second swing through Iowa, where precinct caucuses traditionally open the presidential nominating season, with a heavy schedule of events. They included meetings with activists and fundraising for candidates.

Feingold has been among the harshest critics of the war in Iraq and has urged a pullout of troops.

That stand seperates him from other White House contenders in 2008 such as New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. She has been critical of the war, but is opposed to setting a timetable for pulling the troops out.

Feingold said voters are looking at politicians' positions on the war as a fundamental statement.

"It really suggests whether people have the judgement to make the right calls not only to fight terrorism but not make the kind of mistakes the Bush administration has made," Feingold said.

Feingold said Democrats traditionally focus more on domestic issues. Unrest over the war has changed that, he said.

"What will be different about this is that foreign policy and the whole international set of issues will be very important," Feingold said.

He added: "I don't think the election is going to be just a referendum on the war, but I think people are going to be looking for clear leadership in terms of getting us out of that situation."

Source of Info: Las Vegas SUN
Mike Glover/Associated Press
July 15, 2006