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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Committee chief and around 50 bodyguards and athletes reportedly taken

BAGHDAD, Iraq---Gunmen wearing camouflage uniforms abducted about 50 people, including the head of Iraq's national Olympic committee, while they were holding a meeting in Baghdad on Saturday, police sources said.

Details of the mass abduction were sketchy, but police said the incident took place at a major conference center in central Baghdad. Some mass kidnappings reported by police have later turned out to be arrests made by other security departments.

Police sources said the well-known Olympic Committee chief Ahmed al-Hadijya and 21 bodyguards had been taken, along with some 30 athletes, by gunmen in blue camouflage uniforms who were driving official-looking four wheel drive vehicles.

A Reuters journalist saw a convoy of such vehicles with a large number of young people apparently under arrest driving at speed through the Karrada neighborhood close to the conference hall around 1:30 p.m. (5:30 a.m. ET). It was not clear of the incidents were related.

Iraq's Olympic Committee was dominated by Saddam Hussein's son Uday until the U.S. invasion of 2003.

Source of Info: MSNBC.com
July 15, 2006


Its is nearly impossible to imagine a more vile or repugnant human being alive today, than is Karl Rove. (*Let's not forget about Bush and Cheney!) He has, without any sense of remorse or conscience, made John McCain's suffering at the Hanoi Hilton into cause to consider the Senator insane; (*The way that John McCain is kissing his nose, he deserves it! He's just like them! I used to think that he was a good man, but not anymore!) undermined the patriotism of amputee Vietnam Veteran, Max Cleland, and made him out to be an "American hater;" through the employment of Swift Boaters, (*you mean...Swift Boat Liars, that the public is very aware of nowadays. They are weak little people that didn't do much for their country in the first place!) made John Kerry's extremely heroic service to country into something to be ashamed; (and don't forget about what these liars did to the wives and children of those heroes that had died serving their country. These liars made them wonder if their fathers and/or husbands were really the heroes that they thought these people were!) intimidated that former Texas Governor, Ann Richards' campaign was nothing more than a gaggle of lesbian lovers; devised the strategy by which Bush was able to lie America to war in Iraq; and even committed treason by helping to out undercover CIA agent, Valerie Plame. Yet, through all Rove's most disgusting and amoral behavior and actions, he manages to engender something akin to idol worship. (*The only type of people that think he's cute are the type of people that are just like him! He's not funny or even genius. He must have had one of the worst childhoods imagineable to have become the person he is today!) It begs the question: could Karl Rove be the Antichrist?

According to neo-Chrisitan fundamentalist lore, the Antichrist will be both a political and religious individual. (*According to neo-Christian fundamentalist lore, Karl Rove is bound to go the the 7th level in hell, the lowest you can go. They claim that anyone who gains power and abuses that power for self gain will be sent there because they are the lowest of the low. That's where Bush and Cheney will be going too! So......if they are such religious people, do you think that this is where they want to go? Probably not. My opinion is that their religion is all pretend to them and they make people think they are religious, just to get the vote. If these voters were smarter, they'd think twice about the Republicans. These voters are only being used and they have been being used for years. Would a man who is so religious think about going to another country to kill people when they aren't even a threat? If this is the kind of people they want running their country, then that's their choice, but it's not mine!) Further, Rove, though he is not himself a believer of the modern day American radical Christian's beliefs, has constructed America into a Political-Ecclesiastical power, which is the realm in which fundamentalists believe the Amtichrist will dwell. They also believe the Antichrist will be worshipped by all. Finally, the Antichrist, according to lore, "is not political or military."

"It's power is the power of persuasive speech. It speaks like a dragon, persuading the world to worship the first beast, to build an image of the first beast and to bow down to it."

So, the Antichrist is a behind the scenes mastermind who constructs an image, a political image of the "first beast." An image of the "first beast" being a great and wondrous leader who doesn't pay attention to polls, is a "war-time" mans-man who lands on the deck of ships to declare "mission accomplished," and swaggers round the globe acting like "one tough cowboy." What's more they claim, the beast will rise out of Christianity. (*Bush is definitely not a man's man though. He's weak and everyone around him knows it. Oh, don't get me wrong, he thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But that's his arrogance!)

Considering the manner in which the Dobsons, Falwells, Robetsons, and their followers have so quickly and unquestioningly bowed down and worshipped the incredibly amoral Rove and, too, the manner in which America's press seems to fawn over his obviously fraudulent persona and statements---were the Christian fundamentalist's Antichrist real and if he did dwell among the people, who better fits the description than does Karl Rove?

***If Karl Rove is the Antichrist, what are the Christians going to do about him? That's a better question! Is Karl Rove more important than their Jesus? If they are really chrisitians, wouldn't they start ignoring him and the president?

Source of Commentary: A. Alexander
The Progressive Daily Beacon
July 15, 2006