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Sunday, July 02, 2006


NEW YORK for the Sunday edition, Barney Caleme, public editor for The New York Times, tackles the latest hot-wired controversy, and concludes: "My close look convinced me that Bill Keller, the executive editor, was correct in deciding that Times readers deserved to read about the banking-data surveillance program. And the growing indications that this and other financial monitoring operations were hardly a secret to the terrorist world minimizes the possibility that the article made America less safe."

***Bush himself was the first one to come out and say that he was going to do this! If he did it, then why was it all of a sudden, some big hidden secret that wasn't supposed to be told? Once again, "the people" didn't know the extent of it and Bush wanted to keep it a secret that he was looking into everyone's financial data. And nobody is going to convince me that they aren't looking into the financial data of their opposition during this campaign season! This is how "evil" these Republicans are. They make Nixon look like a saint.

This comes a day after Keller and Los Angeles Times Editor Dean Baquet co-authored an op-ed, appearing in both papers, defending the publication of articles in the two papers.

***Don't you find it ironic that when Cheney wanted something leaked that he always went to the NYT? Now that they don't want this publicized, they're having a fit!

Also Sunday, Times' columnist Frank Rich produces a tough-talking defense. Here are a couple of excerpts:

"No sooner were the flag burners hustled off stage than a new traitor was unveiled for the Fourth: the press. Public enemy No. 1 is The New York Times, which was accused of a 'disgraceful' compromise of national security (by President Bush) and treason (by Representative Peter King of New York and the Coulter amen chorus). The Times's offense was to publish a front-page article about a comprehensive American effort to track terrorists with the aid of a Belgian consortium, Swift, which serves as a clearinghouse for some 7,800 financial institutions in 200 countries.

***Since Bush himself first revealed this, did he compromise national security?

"It was a solid piece of journalism. But if you want to learn the truly dirty secrets of how our government prosecutes this war, the story of how it villified The Times is more damning than anything in the article that caused the uproar.......

***Tell us, please, please, please!

"Representative King, so eager to label others treasonous, has humiliating headlines of his own to counteract: HE'S THE CHAIRMAN OF THE HOUSE HOMELAND SECURITY COMMITTEE WHO HAS SO LITTLE CLOUT AND BUREAUCRATIC APTITUDE THAT HE COULDN'T STOP THE GOVERNMENT LED BY HIS OWN PARTY FROM STRIPPING NEW YORK CITY, IN HIS HOME STATE, OF 40% OF ITS COUNTERTERRORISM FUNDING. If there's another terrorist attack, he may be the last person in New York who should accuse others, as he did The Times on the House floor on Thursday, of having blood 'on their hands.'

"Such ravings make it hard not to think of the official assault on The Times and The Washington Post over the Pentagon Papers. In 1972, on the first anniversary of the publication of that classified Pentagon history of the Vietnam War, The Times's managing editor then, A. M. Rosenthal, reminisced in print about the hyperbolic predicitions that had been made by the Nixon White House and its supporters: 'Codes would be broken. Military security endangered. Foreign governments would be afraid to deal with us. There would be nothing secret left.'

"None of that happened. What did happen was that Americans learned 'how secrecy had become a way of life' for a government whose clandestine policy decisions had formented a disaster.

***And we all know that the same applies today. The Bush administration wants to keep everything secret so that "the people" don't find out how much they have actually screwed up this country. But you still have your "no-minds" out there who still believe that just because G.W. goes to church, he's the right man for the job. It's great to have God in your life, but come on....you need a life to have God in it!



Article from: E & P Staff
July 1, 2006


(AP) Neither President Bush nor the Republican-led Congress can extract the United States from a bloody quagmire of their own making in Iraq, said a former Republican who is seeking a Senate seat in Virginia.

Democrat Jim Webb, who was President Reagan's Navy secretary in 1987-88, said he knows from his own past as one of the Vietnam War's most decorated Marines how to "bring the Iraq War to an early and honorable end."

Webb bolted the GOP in 2003 over Bush's decision to invade Iraq and this year announced he would challenge Republican Sen. George Allen, a conservative former governor who's exploring a 2008 White House bid. Opposition to the war is a cornerstone of Webb's campaign.

George Allen is not conservative. He'd like everyone to think that he is but he is a right-winger, who does just about anything that White House wants him to do!

"I have believed strongly that when things aren't working well, it is the responsibility of our leaders to admit it, and to fix the problem," Webb said Saturday in the Democrats' weekly radio address. "Some say that speaking out against a war is disloyal to the troops. Whoever says that should consider what it's like to be a troop, wishing someone would speak the truth."

Webb said the Republicans are no more able today to wrap up the military entanglement in Iraq than the Democrats and President Truman could disengage U.S. forces from Korea in 1952. It took a change of parties and the election of war hero Dwight Eisenhower to bring the troops home then, he said, and the same is true now.

"I'm reminded of another time, with a leader who truly understtod war," Webb said. "He claimed that 'the old administration cannot be expected to repair what it failed to prevent."

Webb said the open-ended commitment to Iraq must end to enable the military to battle terrorism globally and give it "the mobility to comfort the other strategic challenges, such as the threat of an emerging China."

Allen's campaign said Webb has offered widely conflicting views on how and when to withdraw from Iraq and claims Webb would back a "cut-and-run" strategy similar to that offered by Sen. John Kerry (D-MASS), a Webb supporter.

Webb is only saying this for political reasons. How does he know exactly what Webb would support? The Democrats aren't "cutting and running." It's the Republicans that have "cut and run" from the reality of Iraq. We have lost. There is no way to win there anymore. Our military's job was finished after they took down Baghdad. But, nooooo, we had to stay there so that Cheney could get all of that money from his Halliburton stock. Now the Iraqi people hate s and want us out!

In Missouri last week, Bush accused Democrats of waving "the white flag of surrender" and insisted he will keep combat forces in Iraq as long as they are needed to achieve victory.

If this is so, then we will never get out of Iraq. I don't think that this country should ever elect another oilman again. EVER! It is their job to keep the Middle East unstable so that they can make all of the money that they do. Bush was never a success at anything else that he tried to accomplishin his life, so he has to support his family some how after he's no longer in office. So he'll support his family on the backs of some other family's kids. That's a "real man" don't you think?

Webb's radio remarks capped a week of searing rhetoric between Webb and Allen's campaign over a constitutional flag-burning ban that the Senate kiled Tuesday.

***That goes to show you how different these 2 guys are. One wants to fight over an issue that is not very important at the moment and the Democrat wants to discuss how to get our troops home. Do you think that the Republicans would discuss the flag burning at any other time except in an election year? I think our flag is safe enough to wait and have another debate on it after the elections!

Allen supported the amendment and crticized Webb for opposing it. That brought a scathing reply from Webb's campaign describing Allen as a coward who sat out the Vietnam War "playing cowboy at a dude ranch in Nevada." Webb has begun referring to Allen using the middle name he is known to detest: Felix.

***Yet another Republican that sat out the Vietnam War. Webb served, so he knows how the troops feel.

Webb is the first Democratic Senate challenger this year to offer the party's weekly address, said Phil Singer of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Webb won a rare preprimary endorsement last month from the DSCC and its chairman, New York Sen. Charles Schumer.

Both parties have targeted the Webb-Allen race as one of the nation's most competitive, and as an off-year test of Bush's policies and popularity.

***Well here's to you Webb. I know that your the better man for the job!

Source of Article: CBS NEWS
Richmond, Virginia
July 1, 2006