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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Following death of Zarqawi and visit by Bush, leaders fail to bring end to cycle of violence

By: David Usborne in New York
Published: 18 June 2006

A series of exlosions ripped through Baghdad yesterday, killing at least 23 people and dealing a shattering blow to the new Iraqi government's attempts to impose a security blanket on the capital.

The seven seperate blasts at locations across the city are likely similarly to frustrate the efforts of the White House to demonstrate a degree of progress in Iraq since the killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi earlier this month, and the surprise visit to Baghdad last Monday by President George Bush.

In the meantime, a new Pentagon investigation revealed details of abusive treatment of detainees in Iraq early in 2004 by members of the special forces. The reports said that the soldiers were continuing to use interrogation techniques that had been ruled unacceptable several months earlier by the Pentagon because they were too harsh, including feeding one inmate on bread and water "only" for 17 days.

***Maybe if the Pentagon would have described exactly what "torture" shouldn't be used, these soldiers wouldn't have done it. No, instead, the explanations were left vague, because the Pentagon wanted to allow the torture. The higher-ups already had their way out but left open that loophole that charges the soldiers with all of the abuse.

After President Bush stressed to Iraqi leaders the importance of their taking greater responsibility for security, the new government responded on Wednesday with a huge deployment of forces in Baghdad designed to bring an end to the cycle of violence.

***Bush's horse-and-pony show is nothing but another one of his "fronts" to gain more support for the war in Iraq. As for the new government's response, they "still have to do it Bush's way." Their troops are not ready yet.

The security campaign included a ban on the use of private cars during the hours of prayer on Friday. However, even that measure was thwarted when a suspected shoe bomber detonated a powerful explosion inside one of Baghdad's most important Shia mosques, killing 13 people.

Police described scenes of camage in the capital after yesterday's bombings, which began with a mortar attack on one f Baghdad's oldest markets in the prominently Shia suburb of Kazimiyah. At least 4 people died. Shortly afterwards another market was struck by a bomb left in a plastic bag, killing 2 civilians. And a car bomb targeting an Iraqi army patrol left 7 dead and 10 wounded.

The RENEWED VIOLENCE COMES AS PRESIDENT BUSH WAS SEEKING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE DEATH OF ZARQAWI TO CONVINCE A SCEPTICAL AMERICAN PUBLIC THAT THE SITUATION IN IRAQ WAS STARTING TO IMPROVE. However, a new CNN poll showed 54% of Americans believe the war was a mistake, and the political pressure on Mr. Bush is growing in the run-up to crucial mid-term elections for the U.S. Congress.

***If Bush wasn't so concerned about himself, he would be going to Iraq more than only around the times that his polls are so bad that he can't bring them back up. He could care less about who is dying in Iraq and how they are dying. He is thinking about himself.

The White House public relations campaign on Iraq is also being clouded by the investigation into claims that a group of US Marines went on a rampage in the town of Haditha in November 2005 and indiscriminately killed 24 Iraqi civilians, including 10 women and children. Against this background, the new Pentagon report on the conduct of Special Operations forces in Iraqi prisons, released in heavily censored form to the American Civil Liberties Union, threatens to make President Bush's job still more difficult.

Some of the contents of the investigation, carried out by Brigadier General Richard Formica, were passed to members of Congress a year ago. No charges have been brought against the soldiers involved, as Gen. Formica concluded that the problem lay with "inadequate police guidance" rather than "personal failure" on their parts.

Aside from the man on a ration of bread and water, other detainees were locked in cells so small they could neither lie down nor stand for several days, while interrogators played loud music to stop them from sleeping.

The report also said that interrogators sometimes stripped detainees of their clothes, doused them with water and allowed them to stand shivering in air-conditioned rooms. It said one detainee subject to such treatment by Navy Seal interrogators in Mosul had died during questioning.

***This is no way for Bush to get support for this war! If he wants support, he's going about it in the wrong way. He shouldn't only do PR when he needs to get his polls up. Instead of hiding, like he does, he needs to come out more and put his foot down about detainees, about the meds that we are giving our troops to keep them calm because they have been deployed too many times and they can't handle it; about the suicide rate that is increasing among of troops; about how his VA is treating our kids like garbage after they are discharged; about too many troops are getting killed after he declared "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq; about a deadline to get our troops out of Iraq; about him wanting to go to Iran; I can go on forever, but I'll tell you this: If he came out and did start talking about all of the above mentioned issues, I'd say that it was too little, too late. He will never get my approval on this war that he and his family are profiteering from!