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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Imagine for a moment that you're Republican Bill Frist (TN), the Senate's Majority Leader, and you have the power and awesome responsibility to control what issues the Senate considers and when it considers them. Knowing everything you know about the crises facing our nation and the things that most concern Americans, would you top priority be to:

A) Force the administration to change its failed strategy in Iraq

B) Help consumers walloped by $3.00 a gallon gas and take steps to reduce our oil addicition

C) Pass the first minimum wage increase in 10 years and develop plans to create good jobs in America

D) Expand educational opportunities for college by providing relief skyrocketing college tuition

E) Ensure access to health care for every American

F) Amend the Constitution to deprive gay people and equal rights under the law

As someone who cares deeply about this nation, its problems and its future, you probably said A, B, C, D, or E. But Republican Majority Leader Frist (TN) chose F.

Why? Because it's an election year, and Republicans are in deep trouble. So they decided that instead of addressing the things Americans really care about, they're trying to change the subject and using wedge issues in hopes of distracting from their failures and dividing Americans to win elections.

Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) plans to bring up the "Federal Marriage Amendment" as the first order of business when Senators return on Monday. And to drive the message home, President Bush will host a Rose Garden event the same day, to reiterate his support for this divisive, unnecessary and diversionary attack on LGBT Americans and our Constitution---even though his own Vice President opposes the amendment and his own wife says it's wrong to use this issue as a campaign tool.

This is a sad moment in American history. Over two hundred years ago, our nation's founders and framers thought guaranteeing rights and protections was so importnt that the first ten Constitutional amendments they proposed, which the states soon ratified, were an explicit Bill of Rights for individuals and for states.

Now, in an unprecedented move, Bill Frist and George Bush hope to convert this bedrock document that confers liberties and freedom into one that erases them. They want to deny equal rights under the law because of individuals' sexual orientation---and they want to deny to states avenues that would allow them to recognize and extend equal rights and protections to the LGBT community and their families.

This is shameful and wrong. It hurts LGBT families and their families, and it is inconsistent with the constitutional values that set us apart as a nation---and how we do things in America.

Democrats are committed to equal rights for every American; we oppose discrimination in all their forms. We think it's wrong for the federal government to bar states from extending rights and protections to all their residents. We believe no church, synagogue or mosque should be told by the government whom they may or may not marry. And when it comes to government services and benefits, every citizen and taxpayer should receive equal treatment.

You can show Bill Frist (R-TN) just how wrong he is by signing this petition to stop this diversive amendment and tell him to put the Senate to work on the things that really matter to America and to Americans. Sign on here, and your message will be delivered the day the Senate begins debatin the issue:


Republicans have intentionally put divisive, anti-gay initiatives on the ballot in many states as well, and no doubt many nervous GOP Congressmen hope they can get reelected by scapegoating LGBT Americans instead of deling with the challenges confronting our nation.

But for the first time in our party's history, we are fighting them everywhere. Through our 50-state strategy, we are providing state Democratic parties with needed resources, training and message assistance to fight these measures. At the national level, we are working closely with the leadership of key groups to magnify our capacities. And, around the nation, we are aggressively recruiting volunteers to take a message of equality, tolerance and results on issues that matter into every community.

Sending a powerful message to Bill Frist (R-TN) and George Bush that legislating discrimination defames good people and defiles our Constitution is an important first step in turning our nation around and in beating back efforts at both the federal and state level to scapegoat Americans for partisan gain. But our success depends on you---so please take part in this action, and learn about more you can do in the weeks and months ahead:


With hard work and the participation of every American who has had enough, next year could have a Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate whose answer to our opening quiz looks a lot more like yours.

Thank you,

Brian Bond
Executive Director, GLLC
Democratic National Committee


Today brought more evidence of President Bush's failed economic record. The Labor Department announced that only 75,000 jobs were created in May, about 100,000 fewer jobs than what economists were forecasting would be added last month. In addition, job gains for March and April were actually weaker than first reported by the govewrnment. Wage growth also slowed in May. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, 6/2/06; Associtaed Press, 6/2/06] The overall trend is not postive, as economists generaly believe the economy needs to create 150,000 jobs each month just to keep up with population growth. [BBC, 6/2/06]

***No wonder why the Republicans are going to start up their wedge issues on Monday. They were supposed to be running on a strong economy. I quess that blew up in their faces. Bush is going to talk about gay marriage on Monday. It was designed to galvanize one of Bush's most important constituencies, social conservatives. I hope this blows up in his face too! It is too little, too late. They're crazy if they but it. They oughta get ticked off about it. Bush thinks that he's got them wrapped around his little finger. I hope they complain about being used!

The recent report magnified the growing inequalities in America. While America lost 10,000 manufacturing jobs in May and many Americans are dealing with ever-rising gas prices and increasing health care costs, wealthier Americans are spending more.

"Despite the President's latest PR campaign, the Bush Economy is failing hard-working Americans and undermining our country's economic security," said Democratic National Committee Press Secretary Stacie Paxton. "America's working families don't benefit when incomes fall five years in a row, health care costs skyrocket, and gas prices hit record levels. Democrats remain committed to raising the minimum wage and adopting job policies, tax cuts that help the middle class and not special interests, and an energy policy that makes America energy independent. Together America can do better."

A "Haves and Haves Not" Jobs Market "Unemployment fell to 4.6% largely because more adults chose to not participate in the job market. It is clearly a 'have' and 'haves not' labor market, and these conditions go a long way toward explaining why President Bush cannot convince Americans the economy is on solid ground, even as it demonstrates robust GDP and productivity growth," according to Peter Morici, a professor at the University of Maryland. [Wall Street Journal, 6/2/06]

Auto and Retail Sales Offer Evidence of Growing Economic Divide in America; Bush Economy Pinching Spending of Lower-Income Americans. "May sales for big auto makers and retailers offered fresh evidence that rising energy prices are pinching the spending of lower-income Americans, even as wealthier consumers continue to spend strongly on luxury goods ranging from clothing to sports cars and SUVs. The stark figures raised the propsect that the increased cost of gasoline and heating oil could be aggravating the existing economic divide become lower-income workers and the best-paid, who already are seeing their wages rise at a faster rate. ....Results from Detroit's Big Three auto makers, as well as foreign car makers including Toyota Motor Corp., for instance, showed that last month was good for luxury brands and foreign companies catering to affluent customers. ...By contrast, U.S. auto makers, who draw more lower-income buyers, continued to see a drop in sales, especially of sport-utility vehicles, and all three blames the recent rise of gasoline prices to the range of $3 a gallon. ...The retail industry has seen a similar pattern this week. Despite concerns about slowing demand, retail sales were solid at upscale stores in May... But discounters have been warning that they see high prices crimping sales." [Wall Street Journal 6/2/06]

June 2, 2006