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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Documents on website purport to show AT&T role in Net spying

SAN FRANCISCO (AP)---An outline news outlet published papers on Monday that said document AT&T's alleged role in a government effort to spy on Internet traffic.

The internal company documents and other materials were assembled by Mark Klein, a former AT&T technician. Klein also gave internal documents eaelier this year to privacy advocate Electronic Frontier Foundation, which sued the telecommunications giant challenging the Bush administration's secretive domestic surveillance program.

It wasn't clear whether the documents published Monday by Wired News were the same as those at the heart of the lawsuit against AT&T. Wired News acknowledged it could not be sure, because the federal judge presiding over the case has sealed the records.

But Wired News said the AT&T documents "appear to be excerpted from material that was later filed in the lawsuit under seal."

The papers are a blend of corporate blueprints and Klein's own interpretation of them. They seem to provide a detailed account of how AT&T used "splitters" to tap into gigantic fiber-optic lines that carry Internet traffic.

Klein writes that AT&T installed the splitters, which diverted light signals carrying data, into a "secret room" where the information could be analyzed.

Among the equipment Klein said was installed there was a Narus STA 6400. Narus manufactures data-mining devices that lets companies and other entities sift through the information in Internet traffic and identify nuggets of interest in e-mail, users' Web-surfing and even Internet phone calls.

AT&T hs asked the Electronic Frontier Foundation to return the documents to the company.

"We believe the public's right to know the full facts in this outweighs AT&T's claims to secrecy," Wired News said in a statement posted on its website accompanying the story.

Associated Press
May 22, 2006


Suicide attempt led to fight at U.S. detention center on Thursday

Prisoners wielding fans, light fixtures and other improvised weapons clashed with guards trying to stop a detainee from committing suicide at the U.S. Dentention center in Guantanamo Bay, the military said Friday.

The clashed occured Thurdsay in a medium-security section of the camp as guards were responding to the fourth attempted suicide that day at the detention center on a U.S. Navy base in Cuba, said Cmdr. Robert Durand.

Detainees struck guards as they entered a communal living area to stop a pisoner who was trying to hang himself, Durand said. Earlier in the day, three detainees in another part of the prison attempted suicide by swallowing prescription medicine they had been hoarding.

"At this point, I have no idea of motive, no idea of any coordination and no idea of any intended message," Durand said.

'Improvised weapons' used

The attempted hanging took place in a medium-security camp where prisoners live in groups of up to 10 men in long bays with metal cots. When guards entered the unit, roommates "tried to prevent them from rescuing the detainee by using fans, light fixtures and other items as improvised weapons," Durand said.

Guards halted the attempted hanging, quelled the disturbance and moved the roommates to a maximum-security area, Durand said.

The three who took overdoses were treated with activated charcoal to absorb and neutralize the medications, and two were held for observation in the camp hospital, Durand said.

The detention camp at the U.S. naval base in Cuba holds about 460 prisoners in five seperate compounds. Durand said guards were searching all of the cells for contraband.

Earlier suicide attempts

The United States has faced criticism from human rights groups and some of its allies for holding prisoners at Guantanamo indefinitely. Some have been there since the camp opened in January 2002.

The incidents occured on the same day that the military transfered 15 Saudi detainees to their country.

There have been 39 suicide attempts at Guantanamo since the detention center opened in January 2002, the military said. At least 12 were by Juma'a Mohammed al-Dossary, a 32-year-old from Bahrain. Guantanamo holds detainees suspected of links to al-Qaeda or the Taliban.

Source: MSNBC News Services
The Associated Press and Reuters
contributed to this report
May 19, 2006


Panel urges U.S. to 'eradicate' torture, stop using secret detention facilities

GENEVA---The United States should close its prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and avoid using secret detention facilities in its war in terror, a U.S. panel report released Friday said.

In an 11-page report in its review of U.S. adherence to the Treaty Against Torture, the committee said detainees should not be returned to any state where they could face a "real risk" of being tortured.

"The state party should cease to detain any person at Guantanamo Bay and close the detention facility," said the U.N. Committee Against Torture, a panel of 10 independent experts on adherence to the U.S. Convention Against Torture.

The United States should also ensure that no one is detained in secret detention facilities under its control and disclose the existence of any such places, the report said.

The committee said that it was concerned that detainees were being held for protracted periods with insufficient legal safeguards and without judicial assessment of the justification for their detention.

President Bush has said that he would like to close the prson t Guantanamo Bay at some point, though he has not laid out a timetable.

***Yeah, right!

"I very much would like to end Guantanamo. I very much would like to get people to a court," Bush said on May 8, adding, "We're waiting for our Supreme Court to give us a decision as to whether the people need to have a fair trial in a civilian court or a military court."

The committee was also concerned about allegations that the United States has established secret prisons, where the international Red Cross does not have access to the detainees.

"The state party should ensure that no one is detained in any secret detention facility under its de facto effective control," the report said. "The state party should investigate and disclose the existence of any such facilities and the authority under which they have been established and the manner in which detainees are treated."

'Eradicate all forms of torture'

The U.N. report also said the United States must "eradicate" all forms of torture committed by its personnel in Afghanastan and Iraq and investigate allegations thoroughly, prosecuting any staff found guilty.

"The state should take immediate measures to eradicate all forms of torture and ill-treatment of detainees by its military or civilian personnel, in any territory under its jurisdiction," said the report, which was pressuring its conclusions from a hearing earlier this month into U.S. conduct.

***This administration makes the people of the United States look like a bunch of animals and that we condone this sort of thing. Anyone that takes pleasure in this sort of thing should be put away, including this administration. Maybe they will when they come up for war crimes against humanity, like starting a war with madeup information.

The United States made its first appearance before the U.N. Committee against Torture in six years earlier this month, addressing issues ranging from Washington's interpretation of the ban on torture to its interrogation methods in prisons such as Abu Ghraib, Iraq, and Guantanamo.

The committee also said the U.S. should rescind interrogation techniques that constitute torture or cruel treatment, citing methods including sexual humiliation, mock drownings and the use of dogs to induce fear.

It said some techniques "have resulted in the death of some detainees during interrogation" and criticized vague U.S. guidelines that "have led to serious abuse of detainees."

The U.S. had invited the committee behind Friday's report to visit Guantanamo Bay, but the panel "chose not to do so," according to White House spokesman Tony Snow.

***The panel chose not to do so because they have been there already or someone representing them have. They also wouldn't go because when this administration invites you somewhere, they already have things pretty well "hidden already." I'm glad that the U.N. didn't let this administration belittle them!

"Everything that is done in terms of questioning detainees is fully within the boundaries of American law."

How would we know? Because the White House says so? I don't think so. Everything else they have told us has been a lie. Why should we believe them when it comes to torture. Why would a vice president fight so hard to get the CIA excluded from these torture laws if he didn't have plans. This administration breaks the law so much, we just about "know that they have broken the torture laws too." "The people" aren't buying it anymore! WE'VE SEEN THE PICTURES! Nobody in the military is going to attempt these actions unless they were "told" to do it!

staff and news service reports
May 19, 2006


Vulnerability seen in unusual places

VIRGINIA BEACH---When some of the country's top political handicappers drew up their charts of vulnerable House incumbents at the beginning of the year, Rep. Thelma D. Drake (R-VA), was not among them. Now she is.

President Bush carried her district with 58% of the vote in 2004, byt strategists say his travails are part of the reason the freshman lawmaker now has a fight on her hands. He swooped into town briefly Friday for a closed-door fundraiser for Drake but made no public appearances.

Drake, who won with ease two years ago, is not alone. With approval ratings for Bush and congressional Republicans at a low ebb, GOP strategists see signs of weakness where they least expected it---including a conservative, military-dominated suburb such as Virginia Beach---and fear that their problems could grow worse unless the national mood brightens.
***If Bush had a fund raiser for her, then he backs her and she backs him. People just don't like this liar anymore. They are starting to see right through him! The White House "WILL NOT" back anyone that doesn't back the White House. That's just how it is with Bush and Rove!

Some Republican veterans of the 1994 GOP takeover of Congress see worrisome parallels between then and now, in the way once-safe districts are turning into potential problems. Incumbents' poll numbers have softened. Margins against their Democratic opponents have narrowed. Republican voters appear disenchanted. The Bush effect now amounts to a drag of five percentage points or more in many districts.

The changes don't guarantee a Democratic takeover by any means, but they are creating an increasingly asymmetrical battlefield for the fall elections: The number of vulnerable Democratic districts has remained relatively constant while the number of potentially competitive Republican districts continues to climb.

Stuart Rothenberg, editor and publisher of a political newsletter, now has 42 Republican districts, including Drake's, on his list of competitive races. Last September, he had 26 competitive GOP districts, and Drake's wasn't on the list. "That's a pretty significant increase," he said. "The national atmospherics are making long shots suddenly less long."

At the Cook Political Report, Amy Walter has revised an analysis of the battle for control of the House, factoring in the sour mood toward Republicans nationally as a potentially significant factor in races that might otherwise turn on local issues, candidate performance or the size of campaign war chests.

Unexpected election twists

"In a nationalized election, the typical laws of gravity get thrown out the window," Walter said. "Under-funded candidates beat better-funded candidates, and entrenched incumbents lose to first-time challengers."

Republicans said these trends in recent polling data are an early alert, not a cause for panic. Their strategists argue that their incumbents will not be caught by surprise, as many Democrats were in 1994, when they were swept from power in the House after 40 years.

House Republican campaign officials are taking steps to protect their vulnerable candidates with money, opposition research, negative television ads and campaign messages designed to fly below the worst of the national turbulence. But they know there is only so much they can do if Bush's approval rating stays below 40% and voters continue to say they want a change in direction.

***The Republicans are taking the wrong approach with this negative ad and opposition research issues. "The people" finally realize that the Republicans can take one little issue and blow it way out of proportion! The voters "are' going to take this into consideration and think exactly how I am thinking right now. They'll be saying, "Oh....this guy must be taking lessons from the President. What a liar." Don't you people get it? The Republicans are now the Party of the Unbelievables!

Drake, a first-term representative, isn't yet among the most endangered GOP incumbents. But she is one of the many---and not just inexperienced lawmakers---who could ba at risk if there is an anti-Republican wave in the fall. Among House incumbents added to some GOP watch lists in recent months are veterans Reps. Nancy L. Johnson (Conn.), Deborah Pryce (Ohio), Charles Bass (N.H.), J.D. Hayworth (Ariz) and Richard W. Pombo (Calif).

***The House Republicans that need to be at the very top of the list is the House Leadership like Hastert (IL), Boehner, etc., etc., etc. They are the ones that decide what is going to come to the floor of the House and they only bring what the White House wants them to bring! Nobody believes the show that they have been putting on lately either!


The National Republican Congressional Committee chairman, Thomas M. Reynolds (R-NY), acknowledged Tuesday that the national mood has accelerated campaign planning by many incumbents. While vowing that Republicans will maintain their House majority in the fall, regardless of the national climate, Reynolds said, "Members [are] paying much more attention and putting together campaigns earlier."

Virginia's 2md Congressional District, home to the U.S. Navy's Atlantic Fleet, generally is solid Republican territory. Bush won the district with 58% of the vote in 2004, and Drake was elected with 55%. But Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine won the district in his victory last November, and the fact that Drake, a 56-year old former ral estate agent and state legislator, is in her first term adds to the list of GOP worries about her race.

Hopeful arounf Virginia Beach

Around Virginia Beach, Republicans believe the race is Drake's to lose but say she nonetheless faces a long six months. "I think Thelma is going to have to campaign hard, and she will," said state Del. Leo C. Wardup Jr., who helped recruit Drake into Congress.

Her opponent, Democrat Phil Kellam, Virginia commissioner of revenue, believes the most effective line of attack is to paint Drake as a loyal vote for the president at a time when Bush's popularity has declined even in red states he carried in 2004. "She is grafted to this president," Kellam said.

Drake did not attend Friday's fundraiser luncheon with the president, but her aides said the reason had nothing to do with Bush's political standing. They said she was in Washington for a vote on legislation affecting military families.

***Yeah! That was the vote where all of the Republicans voted to take the money that was already appropriated for military construction AWAY FROM THE MILITARY FAMILIES TO GIVE IT TO THE RICH FOR THEIR TAX-BREAKS! So, that proves Kellam's point, doesn't it? "SHE IS GRAFTED TO THIS PRESIDENT!"

White House officials acknowledge that the president's time is too valuable to waste on safe incumbents. In some cases, the boost from a presidential fundraiser can turn a potentially competitive race into a relatively safe seat, but that was not the expectation Friday. "She's got a real competitive race," a Bush adviser said of Drake, speaking on the condition of anonymity in order to give a candid assessment.

***Don't you just love that condition of anonymity?

After helping Drake pick up about $475,000, Bush flew to Kentucky to raise money for another embattled Republican, Rep. Geoff Davis, who is being challenged by former Democratic representative Ken Lucas.

Democrats attacking Drake

Democrats do not yet consider Drake among their best targets, but they hope to make her one. The national party began running radio ads here this week, attacking Drake for backing Bush's plan to revamp Social Security, The liberal group MoveOn.org says it has spent more than $100,000 running television ads attacking her ethics.

Drake sid the Democrats' strategy of trying to use Bush against her won't work. "I would much rather think like George Bush than to think like Senator Ted Kennedy, [Democratic Party Chairman] Howard Dean or [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi," she said in an interview from her Capitol Hill Office.

***I don't think that "that" statement is going to help her any! We all know that G.W. doesn't know how to think. He is incapable with his handicaps. The boy tunes the world out three-quarters of the time and the rest of the time he's sleeping!

Although Drake quickly earned a seat on the House Armed Services Committee, a coveted spot for a district with some of the world's largest military bases, Kellam hopes to turn the district's large military presence to his advantage.

In an interview, he said he does not support a rapid pullout of troops from Iraq, but he criticized Drake, saying she has failed to ask tough questions about the conduct of the war. "Can you tell me that the Congress has scrutinized the Department of Defense as much as is necessary?" he asked.

Kellam also has seized on the fate of the huge Ocena Naval Air Station, targeted for possible closure by a congressional commission. He accused Drake and other Virginia Republicans of failing to do enough to keep the stations jets in the area.

Drake responded angrily, saying that Virginia's Democrats and Republicans have worked together to protect the base. She also said she has worked hard on Iraq, visiting troops twice since taking office, and called Kellam's criticisms "absolutely false, untrue [and] deliberately misleading."

Drake's goal will be to rebut Kellam's criticisms and prove to constituents that she has delivered for them. Kellam's hope is that factors beyond Drake's control will overwhelm the customary political leanings of the district.

Drake has already proven herself to be an extension of the White House by letting Bush came to her district and have a fund raiser for her, while she stayed in Washington to do the preseident's bidding. VOTING AGAINST MILITARY FAMILIES AND GIVING TO THE PRESIDENT SO HE CAN GIVE MORE TO THE WEALTHY. OUR VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES ARE NOT WEALTHY BY FAR!

Source: MSNBC
By: Michael D. Shear and Dan Balz
May 19, 2006


"You can support the troops but not the president" Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX)

"Well, I just think it's a bad idea. What's going to happen is they're going to be over there for 10, 15, maybe 20 years." Joe Scarborough (R-FL)

"Explain to the mothers and fathers of American servicemen that may come home in body bags why their son or daughter have to give up their life?" Sean Hannity, Fox News 4/6/99

"[The] President...is once again releasing American military might on a foreign country with an ill-defined objective and no exit strategy. He has yet to tell the Congress how much this operation will cost. And he has not informed our nation's armed forces about how long they will be away from home. These strikes do not make for a sound foreign policy." Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA)

"American foreign policy is now one huge big mystery. Simply put, the administration is trying to lead the world with a feel-good foreign policy." Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX)

"If we are going to commit American troops, we must be certain we have a clear mission, an achievable goal and an exit strategy." Karen Hughes, speaking on behalf of George W. Bush

"I had doubts about the bombing campaign from the beginning...I don't think we had done enough in the diplomatic area." Senator Trent Lott (R-MS)

"I cannot support a failed foreign policy. History teaches us that it is often easier to make war than peace. This administration is just learning that lesson right now. The President began this mission with very vague objectives and lots of unanswered questions. A month later, these questions are still unanswered. There are no clarified rules of engagement. There is no timetable. There is no legitimate definition of victory. There is no contigency plan for mission creep. There is no clear funding program. There is no agenda to bolster our over-extended military. There is no explanation defining what vital national interests are at stake. There was no strategic plan for war when the President started this thing, and there is still no plan." Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX)

"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the President to explain to us what the exit strategy is." GOVERNOR GEORGE W. BUSH (R-TX)

***Don't you just love that "double standard" that the Republicans always use! You know........It's okay for them to say it but they get all bent out of shape when you say it about them!

Source: What Really Happened



Earlier today, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary R. James Nicholson announced that sensitive data collected by the government, containing the names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth for approximately 26.5 million veterans was stolen from a VA official who had removed this data from VA and taken it home. The Secretary was unable to immediately share the exact number of VA employees or others who have access to this sensitive data, not have we been given the exact reasons why this employee removed the data, some of which reportedly included very sensitive information such as veterans' disability ratings, from the VA.

The Secretary stated that each veteran will be notified that their personal information has been compromised. A number of law enforcement agencies are working to recover this data.

Is it a mystifying and gravely serious concern that a VA data analyst would be permitted to just walk out the VA door with such information. Further, VA must determine who else has access to this type of onformation, restrict such access to essential personnel only and enforce that internal restriction. The Secretary stated that VA would take steps to assure VA employees complete their special training for safeguarding such information.

The Committee has held a number of oversight hearings in the past on other more limited electronic releases of veterans' personal information and on what we view as the casual approach some at VA have taken to the importance of safeguarding personal information. Additionally, the VA has not demonstrated an exemplary track record in recent years enforcing its own internal controls or accountability mechanisms.

*If this info is used to start "making" credit cards and so on and so forth, I think this administration should take up the responsibility of having to pay each and every bill that is brought upon these veterans. How great are the Rpublicans on national security now? Hasn't this administration done enough to our veterans already? Now this!

But, "I told you so" is not an adequate response on Congress' part. The potential for significant harm if the compromised information should fall into the wrong hands is clear. Examples of problems have appeared in the recent past at VA and ample warnings have been given by our Committee.

The number one problem with this data loss is the potential for identity theft. Over 26 million veterans and their families are at financial risk should their identities be stolen and used for the personal gain of others. This information could also be of value to business interests which focus on veterans and their families in the course of their business dealings. While VA is taking necessary steps to inform the veterans whose private information was compromised, knowledge of that very compromise may create additional stresses in the lives of those veterans. Finally, the sensitive disability rating information included with the compromised data may create other potential problems.

This breach--and any lag from discovery to public revelation---must receive attention from the very top. We must know who is able to access the data entrusted to them by our citizenry. Everything should be on the table to mitigate and correct this serious information privacy breach and ensure that the personal information of our veterans is protected and safeguarded in the future---including possible legislation to "make whole" anyone who suffered harm as a result of this compromise.

Lane Evans, Ranking Democratic Member
Bob Filner
Luis Gutierrez
Corrine Brown
Michael Michaud
Stephanie Herseth
Ted Strickland
Darlene Hooley
Silvestre Reyes
Shelley Berkley
Tom Udall
John Salazar

Source: The Office of House Democratic Leader
Representative Nancy Pelosi
May 22, 2006

*I've got a feeling that there is more to this than meets the eye. I don't trust this administration as far as I can see them, and then I wouldn't believe them! They'd do anything to get the vote in November. I wonder if Bush is going to come out and make a speach saying that he's going to handle all of this himself and he'll guarantee the veterans that they won't be responsible for identity theft, if it should happen. That's what this administrations is all about. They "would" do something like this! But then you have to take the other route. Bush hasn't done anything for the veterans since he came to office, so why would he do anything to help them now?


How extraordinary. Something is happening here that has never happened in America's history. A consensus is sweeping the nation. Not that the war in Iraq is wrong, or that oil companies are screwing us blue, or that the climate is going to hell, of that good-paying jobs are being replaced by low-paying jobs, or that our national health care system is a disgrace, or that the rich are getting a lot richer while the middle class gets poorer.

While all that's true, and more and more folks are getting it, that's not the consensus of which I speak. Nope. This one is bigger, enormous, huge!

Here it is:

The President of the United States is a MORON.

Yes, stupid, dumb as common road gravel. And not figuratively, but literally. George W. Bush, President of the world's last remaining super-power, is a moron. Forrest Gump's evil twin.

I broached this possibility one year ago in a post entitled, Bush: The Worst President Ever? I were a bit early with that one. But what a difference a year makes!

So the jury is in: Bush "is" a moron. If stupid is as stupid does, he's stupid. A botched war on terror, exploding debt, his "what me worry" response to Katrina---and the ongoing management of the recovery. North Korea has the bomb and Iran is on its way to its own nuke. Think about that for a second because it is definitive proof Bush is a moron. First he identifies "three" nations as his "Axis of Evil" in the world: North Korea, Iran and Iraq. Then he has a chance to whack one of the three and he picks the ONLY ONE that had no WMD. The only way he could look worse is if it were only two countries---a coin flip---and he still got it wrong.

Yes Virginia, the current occupant of the Oval Office is no longer a crook or an adulterer. He's a moron.

As if that were not bad enough, we still face two and a half years with this man at the controls. NFR reader, Philip Bourgeouis, suggested an intervention be launched by former presidents, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Jimmy Carter. Not a bad idea, Phil.

POPPA BUSH must be beside himself watching his kid screw up decades of diplomacy in just five short yers. He could take sonny into that Oval Office alcove where Monica used to dispense her favors and administer a few long overdue dope slaps.

BILL CLINTON could sit the moron down and give him a short course in how to balance a checkbook, teach him the difference between capital investment and undisciplined spending and the virtues of saving for a rainy day.

JIMMY CARTER could teach Junior the actual meaning of the word "compassionate," and how to walk that walk. Carter could reveal to him that giving the already comfortably rich even more money, is not compassion. Giving more money to the growing number of those who work 60-hours a week, or more, and still can't get by, is "compassion." And he could figure out how to cover the nearly "50 MILLION" Americans who cannot afford health insurance.

But none of that is likely to happen. One of the trademarks of a moron is contempt for facts that challenge the simple but comfortable fictions that rule their daily routines. You can drag a morom to a library, but you can't force him to learn.

In fact morons get downright testy when someone challenges what they think they know. We saw this trait earlier when asked if he thought Don Rumsfeld should resign. The moron lashed out at the questioner, dashed into his imaginary phone booth and emerged as THE DECIDER. "I'm the Decider, he pronounced, with Mussolini-like swagger. You see, scratch a moron and beneath that smirking, ignorance-is-bliss exterior you discover a fundamental truth: beauty may be only skin deep, but moron goes right to the bone.

I'm staying close to home until this guy is gone. Keeping my head down, my nose clean, and watching what I say in emails for friends. And I have a piece of advice for the Iranians too---this guy "really is" crazy enough to "decide" that bombing the crap out of you is a good idea. Yes, Bush is "exactly" as stupid as he looks, sound and acts.

Doubt that at your peril. Fifty-one percent of American voters doubted it. And now we're screwed.


"Bush has been studiously anti-science, a man of applied ignorance who has undernourished his mind with the empty calories of comfy dogma."
(Columnist Richard Cohen)

Source: Stephen P. Pizza
News for Real-"News With Nuts"
April 2006