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Friday, September 01, 2006


Says the VA is in "terrific" condition.

While the Secretary is correct about the VA being the best healthcare system in the nation...he continues to disregard the mounting problems facing veterans' healthcare.

Understaffing fueled by chronic underfunding leads to long waiting lists for many essential services.

While Nicholson can brag about the huge increases in the VA budget...it has not kept up the demand for healthcare services by veterans.

The only solution is Full and Mandatory Funding for VA healthcare...something the American Legion supports, in theory.

However, the Legion will not confront Nicholson on this issue and allows him to spout out his "good news" talking points without ever taking him to task.

The Legion should be demanding accountability from Secretary Nicholson. But, it is not.

The American Legion has become a "paper tiger"...claiming to support its members while allowing do-nothing political appointees, like Nicholson, to systematically undermine veterans' healthcare by not properly funding the VA.

Larry Scott
VA Watchdog dot Org
August 31, 2006

The Salt Lake Tribune
By: Matthew D. LaPlante

The Department of Veterans Affairs is in "terrific" condition, the VA secretary told hundreds of American Legionnaires in Salt Lake City on Wednesday.

James Nicholson said that after long decades of struggles to provide adequate care and benefits for veterans, the VA is getting most things right these days.

Nicholson said the VA medical system "is almost universally recognized as not only the biggest universal medical provider but the best."

He cited advances in research, care and record keeping in the system once routinely mocked by veterans.

Nicholson acknowledged some "challenges," specifically a recent high-profile incident in which a laptop with information about thousands of veterans was stolen.

"But challenges are aslo opportunities," he said. "We need to overhaul the way that we deal with data at the VA."

Nicholson promised to "turn the VA into the gold standard for information technology and data protection."

Jack Kilcrease, who was shot multiple times while fighting in the Vietnam War and has been in the VA medical system ever since, said he agreed that the system has improved drastically in the past several decades.

The Massachusetts resident noted that the once overtaxed system seems to be improving with the passing of World War II veterans.

Nicholson said about 1,800 veterans die each day, most of whom served during World War II.

***It makes you wonder what the hell the leaders of these Veterans Organizations are doing kissing the butts of this administration. They have done nothing to "Support Our Troops" other than saying the words. These VSO's have been doing nothing but writing letters and testifying to the fact that the Bush Administration is taking everything away from veterans that were promised to them. Now, when election time comes around, they are kissing their noses! Make any sense to you. The veterans need to vote these leaders out and really get someone in there that will fight for these veterans. Not only on paper.

Please refer to the following posts: Sept. 1, 2006---The Bush Administration has let down of Veterans and August 20, 2006---Mission Impossible: Supporting Our Troops "AND" Supporting Bush. It's self explanatory!


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