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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This afternoon, September 12, 2006, the House Republican Leadership is holding a forum on the "results" of their sham "hearings" on immigration and border security, which they held throughout August.

The headlines that these sham "hearings" generated say it all:

"All Talk, No Action on Immigration" (Boston Herald, 8/17/06)

"Immigration Hearings Are Just Sales Job" (Tucson Citizen, 8/10/06)

"Immigration Hearing Misfires" (Denver Post, 8/31/06)

"Field Hearings A Waste of Time, Money" (Denver Rocky Mountain News, 8/17/06)

"Immigration Hearings Staged to Run Out the Clock" (Springfield Massachusetts Republican, 7/31/06)

Republicans have stalled by holding these "hearings," that are all talk and no action---conducting hearings instead of going to conference on the immigration/border security bills that the House and Senate have passed. Hundreds of thousands of American taxpayers' dollars were wasted on these sham hearings.

The record on border security over the last 5 years is poor. As the report shows, Republicans have been consistently voting against efforts to better enhance border security resources---including Border Patrol agents, detention beds, and immigration enforcement agents. Once again, the Republican rhetoric and the Republican record simply don't match up.


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