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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pakistan denies coup rumours while Musharraf away

Islambad--- Pakistan on Sunday denied rumours of a coup attempt against President Pervez Musharraf while he is visting the U.S.

Newspaper office and journalist were inundated with telephone calls and text messages inquiring about the rumours, which coincided with a widespread power cut.

But television programmes did not allude to them until Geo Television ran a ticker headline saying Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani had accused " rumor mongers " of exploiting the power cut.

Reuters made checks with senior government as well as military officials, and jounalist saw nothing unusual in the capital or the neighboring city of Rawalpindi.

Durrani , who is traveling with Musharraf ,told Reuters from New York: "These rumours were sparked by the power breakdown. These are baseless. These rumours spread because televisions were off and telephones were on."

A military officail who declined to be named added : "It's totally rubbish."

hmmmmmmmm you got to wonder


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