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Monday, September 04, 2006


Contract winner would watch tone of U.S. and foreign war coverage

Washington---The U.S. command in Baghdad is seeking bidders for a two-year, $20M public relations contract for monitoring the tone of news stories about the Iraq war filed by U.S. and foreign media.

***Are they trying to hide from us everything that is going wrong in Iraq?

September 1, 2006

Proposals, due Sept 6, ask companies to show how they would "provide continuous monitoring and near-real time reporting of Iraq, pan-Arabic, international and U.S. media." according to the solicitation issued last week.

***They're looking for a way to shut us off from the war in Iraq!

Contractors also will be evaluated on how they would provide analytical reports and customized briefings to the military, "including, but not lilimted to, to (positive, neutral, negative) and scope of media coverage."

***Censorship! That isn't supposed to happen in a democracy. What's next? State T.V.?

The winner of the contract probably also would be required to develop an Arabic version of the multinational force's Web site.

Attempts by the Associated Press to contact officials connected to the project by telephone and e-mail were not successful Thursday night.

***I wonder why?

Coincidental timing?

The program comes during what has appeared to be a White House effort, before the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, to take the offensive against critics as polls show withering support for the Bush administration's Iraq policy.

President Bush addressed the American Legion's national convention in Salt Lake City on the issue Thursday, stressing that a U.S. pullout from Iraq would lead to its conquest by America's worst enemies.

***It's already come to that!

He continued a theme set by both Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice when they spoke to the administration-friendly group earlier in the week.

The military last year was criticized for a public relations scheme in Iraq that included hiring a consulting firm that paid Iraqi news media to carry news stories written by American troops.

Pentagon officials have defended the program as a necessary tool in Bush's campaign against terror. BUT CRITICS HAVE SAID IT CONTRADICTS AMERICAN VALUES OF FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.

***It looks like Karl Rove can't keep Iraq out of the news this election season, so now he's going to censor it! America is not the same America it used to be before this administration took over. It is not a democracy anymore and is being misrepresented! And the wrost thing is, the American people are allowing it to happen! You can read and bitch all that you want to, but I don't see anybody making any efforts to try to stop them. You want to stop them? Vote them out!


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