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Monday, September 11, 2006


FYI---From Navy Times

September 8, 2006
By Rick Maze

A new report from the Senate Intelligence Committee casts continued doubts in the Bush Administration's justification for going to war with Iraq.

The report, released Friday, finds no direct connections between Iraq and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S., amd dismisses as unfounded pre-war statements by Bush administration officials about a supposed meeting between one of the Sept.11 hijackers and an Iraqi intelligence official.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had been among those trying to make the link. On Sept. 26, 2002, Rumsfeld said, "We have what we consider to be credible evidence that al-Qaeda leaders have sought contacts in Iraq who could help them acquire weapons of mass destruction."

In February 2003, then-Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said Saddam Hussein's connection with terrorists "go back decades" and "are growing every day."

The intelligence committee report, the second of what is planned to be 5 reports on pre-war intelligence, said it found CIA reports that spoke of the possibility of cooperation but no evidence of meetings or any actual contact.

Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee and an intelligence committee member, noted that President Bush said in a Wednesday speech that one of the hardest parts of his job was trying to connect Iraq to the war on terrorism.

"That shouldn't surprise anybody," Levin said. "The president's decision to ignore intelligence community assessments prior to the Iraq war and to make repeated public statements that gave the misleading impression that Saddam Hussein's regime was connected to the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 cost him any credibility he may have had on the issue."

Republicans tried to downplay the report. "I think that anyone who has been paying attention the last couple of years will recognize that there is little that is new in this report," said Sen. Pat Roberts (D-KS), the intelligence committee chairman. "As we have all known since 2004, this nation and our allies experienced an intelligence failure with respect to pre-war intelligence on Iraq."

And Robert noted, it was not just the Bush administration led astray. He noted that top Democrats, including Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV of West Virginia, ranking Democrat in the intelligence committee, were among those saying in 2002 that Iraq had an aggressive nuclear weapons program and could have a nuclear bomb within 5 years. "The long-known fact is that the pre-war intelligence was wrong," Roberts said.

***The Bush administration, including Bush and the Pentagon cherry picked the info that was given to the Senators, knowing about all of the other info they didn't give to them. If you think that the Senators seen all of the same info that Bush did, you are wrong.


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