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Friday, September 15, 2006


Choking back sobs of grief and anger, an Englewood woman who saw her 10-year-old niece killed by stray gunfire said Wednesday that Republican Judy Baar Topinka is unfit to be governor because she joked about using a rolling pin as an assault weapon against Gov. Blagojevich.

Sun Times
By: Scott Formek
September 14, 2006

"I'm the sword of justice"

"I don't think that's government material, at all," said Deanna Woods, who tried to use her body to shield children at the March 11 birthday party where her niece, Sietha White was killed.

"To someone who has been in this predicament, they are not going to take that as a joke."

Woods spoke with other relatives of gun victims at an emotional news conference held by Gov. Blagojecich's re-election campaign.

"It's just over the top"

They are responding to remarks Topinka made at a fund-raiser last week. She was joking about Blagojevich campaign commercials that feature Topinka explaining her opposition to an assault weapons ban saying the definition is so vague that a rolling pin could be considered an assault weapon.

"I'm the sword of justice and I'm going to cut him [Blagojevich] to pieces," Topinka told GOP donors, according to the Champaign News-Gazette. "We will take him out with my little rolling pin known as the assault weapon. I will prove to him, indeed, it is an assault weapon."

***This lady is off of her rocker. She must be hitting that sauce again!

Stephen Young, a gun-control activist whose 19-year0old son Andrew was killed by gang members in 1996, said: "This statement itself should lead people to question her character and her judgement."

***She sounds so uneducated when she makes comments like this! She doesn't sound capable of the job that she is looking to take on. I guess the Repubs think that they did it with Bush, so they think that they can do it with her!

Jennifer Bishop, field director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, called on Topinka to apologize.

"I know it's a joke," said Bishop, whose sister, Nancy Bishop Langert, brother-in-law, Richard Langert, and the couple's unborn child were killed by a teenager with a handgun in 1990.

"It is a diversion:" Topinka

"It's just over the top. It's inappropriate. It's unprofessional," she said.

Topinka refused to apologize, standing by her position on assault weapons, saying her remarks were taken out of contect and accusing Blagojevich of trying to drw attention away from his own ethical problems.

Ethical problems! If anybody has ethical problems, it's Topinka! Just look at her sly remarks and inability to apologize. There is more going on behind the scenes with her problems than even she knows about!

She spoke at her own news conference Wednesday, calling on the governor to explain a Chicago Tribune report that Blagojevich's former campaign treasurer gave the governor's 7-year-old daughter Amy a $1,500 check as a birthday gift around the same time the man's wife got a $45,000-a-year state job.

***SO? Somebody did me a favor once and a lot of times the person won't take anything, so I made it up everytime one of their kids' birthdays came around!

"It's a diversion," Topinka said of the gun victim's remarks. "And you're going to see more diversions or as many diversions as it takes to try and bring me into this argument so as to get you off his tail on the $1,500."

***It's a dead story! She's going to need a few diversions of her own!

Topinka said Blagojevich needs to personally answer questions about whether the gift was a payoff for the job---allegations the governor's spokewomen has denied.

"At a minimum, I think the public ought to add that into their equation of how they want to vote in November," Topinka said. "Because this is a real mark on character and integrity if they allegations are true."

***I wouldn't vote for this person if somebody paid me. She acts illiterate! She could have at least said she was sorry if someone took her words out of contect. But it appears that she is too good to apologize. She's too arrogant, and why I don't know! Her day is coming!


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