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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Washington---Five years after the September 11 terrorist attacks that struck the East Coast, the Illinois National Guard does not have all the equipment it deems necessary to rapidly respond to a disaster at home.

Suburban Chicago News
By: Dennis Conrad (AP)
September 9, 2006

Far from it.

Called to duty by President George W. Bush to help fight the global war against terrorism, Illinois guardsmen have left more than $40M of equipment in war-torn Iraq.

***Isn't it this Bush administration that keeps telling us we are going to get hit again? If so, how are we supposed to protect ourselves? All of this equipment is needed here at home. This is what happened in New Orleans. We all remember the results of that.

Even equipment that was still working after heavy use was left behind for replacement units.

The rest---ranging from worn out or wiped out trucks and Humvees to night vision devices and radios---decay in the desert.

***This is what the Bush administration has done for national security all across the country! You tell me how the Republicans are so great for national security!

In Illinois towns the guardsmen call home, what is most noticeable may be what is not there, according to Guard-compiled data released by Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin's office:

* Of 1,438 Humvees the Guard considers necessary, only 716 are available.

* Of 169 trucks required, only 26 are on hand.

* Less than 10% of the Army Guard's necessary medium and heavy trucks and only 65% of its required light trucks are available.

* Of the 34% of equipment not deployed for the war, 10% has been found unacceptable for deployment due to age, a parts shortage or inadequate armor protection.

Durbin, a member of the Senate's Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, said the picture in Illinois is the same elsewhere, with Guard units commonly facing equipment shortages.

The General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, reported last fall that nondeployed Guard units nationwide had only about one-third of the equipment they need for overseas missions, and that "hampers their ability to prepare for future missions and conduct domestic operations."

Durbin is particularly alarmed about what impact equipment shortages would have in case of state emergencies.

"We should never overlook the fact that, God forbid, we could face an emergency in our state," he said. "Whether it's one of our nuclear facilities or a chemical facility or one of our transportation facilities, we would be calling on the Guard to respond to an act of terrorism, which I hope never happens, but we have to be prepared."

***You got that right! If Topinka wins the governorship of Illinois (which she won't), what is she going to do? Give Bush the rest of our equipment? She hangs on Bush's every word. He is not good for this country and she is not good for this state! Maybe that's why she's under investigation.


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