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Monday, September 04, 2006


It has been a difficult struggle. Many on the left have tried to sound the warning regarding the Bush and Republican Ne0-Conservative movement's mad grab for power, but it has fallen on deaf ears.

The Progressive Daily Beacon
By: A. Alexander
September 3, 2006

Following 9/11, Bush and Republicans instituted the Patriot Act than in-and-of-itself seriously eroded the Bill of Rights. Among other things it provided sole power to the government to, without warrant, demand libraries turn over records and then forced the librarians to remain silent regarding the event.

The Patriot Act also gave the government the right to enter homes without warrant or warning. Bush has unilaterally excluded himself from nearly 800 congressional approved laws. Bush also, without Congressional or Judicial oversight, decided to illegally eavesdrop on domestic phone calls. While speaking in Buffalo, prior to the program being made public, the president insisted "wiretaps" meant "search warrants." THAT TURNED OUT TO BE A LIE, so he claimed he was only listening to calls wherein one party or the other was from outside the country. THAT TOO, WAS PROVEN A LIE when it was learned he had employed AT&T and others to listen in on more than 400 million citizens.

Incredibly, BUSH CONTINUES TO LIE and say he is only spying on calls either originating from or dialed outside the country.

All of this, of course, says nothing of illegal secret prisons, torture, kidnapping people from sovereign nations, locking up American citizens without due process, and a host of other national and international illegal activities.

Perhaps, the mosr egregious crime committed by Bush and today's Republican Neo-Con movement, WAS THE WAY THEY LIED THE NATION TO WAR IN IRAQ. Lying to a nation is certainly bad enough, but they then used that war to justify the many illegal and unconstitutional acts committed since. Whenever Bush is questioned about his abuse of power he declares himself a "wartime president" or insists "the country is at war" and, therefore, he, as commander-in-chief, has heretofore unheard of unilateral executive authority to do whatever he pleases. THE BIGGEST LIE OF ALL HOWEVER, IS THE MANNER IN WHICH BUSH AND THE REPUBLICAN NEO-CON MOVEMENT HAS TIED THE WAR IN IRAQ TO THE WAR ON TERRORISM. A war, they say, that has no forseeable end in sight. Stated more correctly, they've hijacked the Constitution and the American people shouldn't plan on getting it and their lost freedom back anytime soon.

If the war in Iraq is the biggest crime committed by the Bush and Republican Neo-Con movement, then their most dangerous scheme has been the creation of a private military.

Recently, it has been learned that Bush and his Republican Neo-Con movement have funneled more than $320M into what they call a "private security firm" that is in reality, a private military force. The private army is known as Blackwater.

Aside from the absurd amount of money given to this mercenary group, which will be addressed shortly, the greatest danger they pose is that they are not beholden to anything other than the Neo-Con movement that is funding them. Blackwater does not necessarily answer to the Constitution, and certainly have no reason to respect the will of Congress. They are free then, in a very real sense, to abuse the rights and guaranteed liberties of any that the Neo-Con movement wishes. Perhaps, some still don't fully understand the threat posed by this singularly loyal jackbooted private militia.

Let's put $320M into perspective: There are 169 officially recognized nations in the world. Bush and the Republican Neo-Con movement's Blackwater SS-like militia has been given money, in two short years, that exceeds the annual defense spending for 89 of those 169 nations (Note: all data gathered from CIA World Factbook). The Neo-Cons have created a private military and provided it with funding that is greater than the annual defense spending for 52% of the worlds recognized nations. To put it in another context, Blackwater has received nearly five-times the funding from the Neo-Con government than Albania spends in a year on its national defense, and more than three times the amount Costa Rica spends in defending its country.

Again, the Bush and Republican Neo-Con movement's private military is beholding to no one other than the master's who fund them. They are not obligated to respect Constitutional rights or the law. And they certainly aren't obliged to consider the rights of citizens either globally, or nationally. Judging by the size of the investment, the Republican Neo-Con movement has big plans for this SS-like extra-governmental force.

Eventually people are going to have to realize the very real threat by a government movement, the Republican Neo-Con movement, that in all likelihood respects neither the nation's laws, nor the Constitutional rights of its citizens, and that has been quietly builing a military force beholding only to their cause. The Republican Neo-Con movement now has in its employ, a military force with a budget large enough to rival the annual expenditure of more than half the world's nation-states. If that isn't sending up red flags and sounding red-alert alarm bells, the only thing that might, will be when the Republican Neo-Con madmen turn their SS-like shock troops on the American people.

Indeed, it has been a difficult struggle. Many on the left have tried to sound the warning regarding the Bush and Republican Neo-Conservative movement's fascist-like mad grab for power, but it has fallen on deaf ears. Maybe the fact that this very dangerous movement has created their own military will cause a few people to begin listening. If not, they can't later claim they weren't warned.


I would suggest that you start doing some research on this before the November elections! Why do you think Bush won't get out of Iraq? He needs a reason to "remain" a war-time president so he can continue to take away the rest of out Bill of Rights, which the Republicans in Congress passed without even reading! (The Patriot Act) The Democrats didn't have a choice or they would have been labeled "bad for national security," like they are being now because they have questions regarding our rights!


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