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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Afghanistan:Rhetoric vs. Reality


Number of Taiban attacks from 2001-2003: 22

Number of Suicide attacks from 2001-2004: 9

Goal for number of NATO & U.S. trained soldiers in Afghan army: 70,000

Hectares in Afghanistan devoted to poppy cultivstion in 1999: 51,500


Number of Taliban attacks from 2004- 2006: 284

Number of suicide attacks from 2005-2006: 64

Number of trained soldiers in the Afghan Army: About 26,900

Hectares in Afghanistan devoted to poppy cultvation in 2005: 107,000

Estimated opium produced from Afghistan's crops: 4,475 metric tons

Percent of global opiate supply originating in Afghistan : 90 %


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