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Sunday, September 03, 2006


The number of Americans who approve of U.S. military action in Afghanastan dropped to 56% in a CNN poll last month, down from 92% in November 201.

By: Kerry Young
September 2, 2006

CNN today released results of a poll of 1,047 adult Americans, which Opinion Research Corp. conducted by telephone on Aug 2 and 3. The poll's margin of sampling error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.

The U.S. invaded Afghanastan in October 2001 and ousted the Taliban regime that harbored the al-Qaeda terrorist forces that claimed responsibility for the Sept. 11 attacks. Many Taliban fighters have now returned or come out of hiding.

Violence has increased as a U.S.-led coalition, troops of the North Atlantic Treaty Orgnization and the Afghan military have cracked down on insurgents in more remote areas of the country. Hundreds of rebels have been killed in battles, mainly in the south and the east, and insurgents have carried out suicide attacks and bombings.

The CNN poll found 28% of respondents said the U.S. is winning the war in Afghanastan, while 10% said the insurgents are. The poll found the majority of respondents, 58%, said neither side is winning.

A CNN poll in December 2003 found between 71% of Americans approved of U.S. military action in Afghanastan, and 83% did in September 2002.

The D.O.D. said that there were 329 U.S. casualties in the Afghanastan War as of Aug. 31.


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