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Friday, August 25, 2006


Head injury not severe enough to keep military benefits

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By: Kevin Mauer
Staff Writer
August 25, 2006

A former 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper wounded in Iraq is appealing an Army ruling that determined his head injury was not severe enough to keep his military benefits.

Cpl. Richard Twohig was injured in May 2003 when he was thrown off an armored personnel carrier and landed on his head.

Twohig, at the time a team sergeant in the 1st Battalion of the 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, was diagnosed with post-concussive syndrome with intractable headaches and a mood disorder.

He suffers from intense headaches at last once a week. The pain is so severe he spends 12 to 14 hours in bed with the shades drawn, he said.

His short-term memory also constantly fails him, forcing him to have simple questions repeated.

The Army determined that Twohig was less than 30% diasbled. In order to maintain his Defense Department benefits, he had to meet the 30% level.

"I'm not doing well," Twohig said last week in a phone interview from his home in Tennessee.

He is living near relatives with his two children. He has health care through the Dept. of VA, but his children---2-year-old Damon and 5-year-old Elizabeth---are without medical benefits.

Twohig is unable to work and was counting on the Army to provide him and his family with medical benefits.

"I just felt like I was shafted. Things really haven't gotten better since the accident," he said.

The Physical Evaluation Board at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington ruled in March 2005 that Twohig did not present any objective information to prove that the headaches were a result of the accident.

The Physical Evaluation Board could not be reached for comment.

Twohig was awarded 10% disability, half of what he was awarded in his informal review.

His lawyer, Mark Waple of Fayetteville, is appealing the board's ruling to the Army Board of Correction of Military Records. The appeal was filed in July and a decision is expected by the end of the year.

Waple argues that Physical Evaluation Board did not make its ruling based on the "preponderance of evidence," which is required by law.

***This story and many others like it are very common with this "untraditional" Bush Administration. They claim to support our troops, then go and do things like this to them. They have become throw aways.

It is time to Support Our Troops! This November, we must throw away the majority in Washington which just so happens to be the Republicans!


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