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Monday, August 21, 2006


As more veterans from Iraq and Afghanastan seek mental health treatment from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, lawmakers, advocates and even some VA experts have raised questions about whether returning troops will get what they need.

washingtonpost dot com
By: Donna St. George
August 20, 2006

So far, 63,767 of those veterans have gone to the VA offices with possible mental health problems, and 29,041 have received a preliminary diagnosis of PTSD.

VA officials say there are enough staff members and resources to treat them, but critics say the VA is straining to keep up. In a report that the VA gave to Congress in February noted a drop of nearly 20% in the number of visits with PTSD specialists per veterans from 1995 ro 2005.

"We are concerned that this....reflects a decrease in capacity at a time when VA needs to reach out" to veterans of Iraq and Afghanastan, the VA report said.

Antonette Zeiss, the department's deputy chief of mental health services, said the February report is being updated to reflect improvements. "We have resources to provide very good care to veterans across the country," she said.

The total number of veterans from all eras treated by the VA for PTSD jumped 30% from 2003 to 2005, according to VA figures. Zeiss noted that the new veterans represent a small portion of the VA's health-care caseload.

The VA has expanded its outreach with a program that aims to help returning veterans with stress disorders, officials said.

In addition, the VA recently completed the largest clinical trial ever of individual psychotherapy for PTSD in female veterans.

But veterans advocates in some areas say they hear complaints of staff shortages and long waits to get care. Rep. Michael Michaud (D-MAINE), a member of the Veterans' Affairs Committee, cited the case of an Iraq veteran who gets 30 minutes of treatment a month for PTSD. "That's not enough," Michaud said.

"By and large, what we're hearing is that the services aren't like they should be," said Paul Reickhoff, executive director of Iraq and Afghanastan Veterans of America.

There is no single course of treatment for PTSD because cases can be very different, said Ira Katz, a mental health official for the VA; services include one-on-one counseling, group therapy and medication.

In West Haven, Conn., Laurie Harkness said the community-based VA mental health clinic she directs has no wait. "We get people in right away," she said.

But in Portland, Ore., Larry Scott, editor of VA Watchdog dot org, said mental health clinics there "have just been decimated," with fewer staff members to treat a growing number of veterans.

Shad Meshad, president of the National Veterans Foundation, said the newest returning troops face a more complete trauma. They are "just young bombs like we were 30 to 35 years ago," he said, but now "you have PTSD layered by multiple tours of duty."

You can't believe anything that comes out of the mouths of those people from the VA. They belong to the Bush administration and the only thing they know how to do is doctor up the paperwork! This administration is so unlike any other, well at least from this country! Although they do resemble one from another on, if you know what I mean.

They are consistently lying about everything. But they "always" get caught in their lies when they contradict themselves! And when they get caught at it, the claim they never said it.

Bottom line is: Our veterans get treated like garbage, yet the Bush administration claim their Support for the Troops. They have done nothing but exploit them, and have taken more and more away from them. They deserve better than this. Aren't they the ones fighting Bush's battles? Someone has always carried Bush through his entire life. I bet you he never finished a fight without someone finishing it for him. Come this November, let him fight his own battles! Don't let the Republicans in Congress carry him anymore! They need to be voted out.

The Republicans have been witching and complaining about how the President has done this and that and make promises not to support him. But I'll be damned, that everytime they vote in Congress, they "continue" to vote for his "untraditional" legislation!

Like I said, let him start fighting his own battles come this November. If he doesn't have the Republicans supporting him in Congress, then all of his "untraditional" agenda won't be able to get passed the Democrats. Maybe then, he'll finally go back to Crawford and stay there! How in the hell can a President go on vacation when he is causing all of this terrorism across the globe? ARROGANCE, THAT'S HOW!


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