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Sunday, August 20, 2006


As parents of a Soldier on his second combat tour in Iraq, we are members of every Iraq and Afghanastan Veterans organization being formed to specifically look out for the interest of this younger generation of Veterans and their family members.

The Major has been an advocate of Iraq and Afghanastan Veterans following in the footsteps of Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) and staying away from the traditional mainstream Veterans Service Organizations that have nothing in common with YOUR INTERESTS or needs. They look good on paper, and are decent cheerleaders and flag wavers, but make no bones about it, their priority is recruitment to keep their stagnant "bar and bingo" organizations up and running in preperation for flag waving the next generation on to the next questionable war.

Especially avoid ANY VSO that advocates you do not seek legal assistance in representing you either in appealing your VA claim or VA medical malpractice of DOD medical malpractice, because I guarantee you that between the time the military releases our most severely wounded and the under funded VA Medical system gets them, the vulnerability for medical malpractice will be at it's highest. Find out THE FACTS about legal litigation, the costs involved, and the time it takes BEFORE allowing our government to place our most vulnerable wounded troops and families ON THEIR OWN.

If any troops had been able to complete a military career and our government had treated them this way, a military retiree would have been the first to seek legal remedy in the Courts. Do not believe me. Ask Medal of Honor recipient USAF Colonel Bud Day of Hanoi Hilton infamy, and he is one lawyer who can confirm that seeking legal remedy (All the way to the Supreme Court), to how military recruiters and our government lies to us Veterans is the only language it understands.

Now, Paul Rieckhoff of Iraq and Afghanastan Veterans of America writes us the WE should be outraged that in the midst of a war, politicians in Washington are gutting funding for the treatment of a serious injury affecting over 100,000 Iraq and Afghanastan veterans. Supporting the troops should be more tha a soundbite!

When a Marine in Fallujah barely escapes an RPG attack, or an IED explodes near a soldier's Humvee, the blast can cause the troop's brain to slam against the inside of his or her skull. The result is Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, which can cause dizziness, problems with vision, hearing, or speech, memory loss and even severe brain damage. At least 100,000 troops serving in Iraq or Afghanastan have been affected with TBI.

So how does Congress respond? By cutting in half the funding for the research and treatment center for TBI. Veterans' care is not the place to cut corners. The Defense Authorization bills are spending about $400B of your money. But TBI research requires only an extra $7M.

IAVA will continue this fight on the airways and in newspapers across the country. Together, we can make a difference for wounded Veterans.

Folks, as members of Veterans for America (VFA), some of us also members of Iraq Veterans Against the War, the Major is not asking anyone to join IAVA, but to USE their QUICK LINK and READY MADE Letter to the Editor to bombard your local newspapers with as many complaints as WE can. THAT IS WHAT AN ON-LINE GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT IS ALL ABOUT. Yes, it is most fun to hit the streets in protest and raise hell, but it can be just as rewarding to have an impact by OVERWHELMING Congress and THE MEDIA with so many letters to the editor that "YES" they will not get printed BUT THEY WILL NOT BE IGNORED EITHER. Here is Ours that went to every newspaper in our OHIO Congressional District (OHIO is a battleground Election State):

Congress is Slashing Funding For Treating Soldiers with Brain Injuries

WE are writing as parents of a Soldier on his second combat tour in Iraq to express our outrage that Congress is slashing funding for the research and treatment of brain injuries sustained by American troops in the Middle East.

Traumatic Brain Injury causes dizziness, vision, hearing and speech problems, memory loss, and even severe brain damage. Military experts say that one in ten new veterans, or more than one hundred thousand people, suffer from TBI. But the 2007 Defense Appropriations bill gives TBI research and treatment only $7M---half of what it received last year. America's wounded warriors deserve better.

Congress should take immediate action to reinstate funding for this program. If the bill passes as it currently stands, we will have failed the thousands of wounded veterans who have sacrificed so much and served their country so honorably.

Major & Mrs. Robert L. Hanafin
Address removed for privacy reasons

***To send your letter, go to www dot iava dot org


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