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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


"What bothers me the most is how clever the enemy is," Rumsfeld said. "They are actively manipulating the media in this country....They can lie with impunity."

***Is your reaction the same as mine? I almost fell off of my chair when I heard this. He's making it sound like someone else is manipulating the media when it's him and the Bush administration! What? Do they think just because he is saying it about someone else that we don't know it's them? How stupid do they think the American people are? And if someone is reading this and doesn't think that it's them doing this, YOU'RE STUPID!

Progressive Daily Beacon
By: A. Alexander
August 29, 2006

Let's see...who said Iraq was an imminent threat to the United States? Who said he knew EXACTLY where Saddam's supposed WMD were hidden...in the north, south, east and west---all around Tikrit? Who said the Iraq war would last days, weeks, maybe six months but not years? Lemme think about that for a moment.....Ah, yes! It was Donald Rumsfeld!

Now, ask yourself---who lies "with impunity?"

Let's see...during the lead up to the war:

* who either buried information or refused to print or report intelligence agents' concerns that contradicted the White House's official line on Iraq's threat and WMD?

* Who parroted, verbatim, whatever the administrtion said?

* Who allowed members of the administration on their programs, so they could tell the American people that Iraq's reconstruction would pay for itself?

* Who continues to pretend Iraq isn't in the midst of a full-blown civil war?

* Who still, everything else having been proven a lie, provides more time and space to White House spin than they do reporting the facts relating to events in Iraq?

Ah yes! America's "terrorist" manipulated media!

When Rumsfeld made his "terrorist manipulated" media comments, he did so with a goal in mind. Of course, he knows the American corporate-owned media isn't being manipulated by terrorists. The corporate-owned media has been in the pocket of this administration from the get-go...their corporations for Jiminy Cricket's sake!

Corporations are the Republican Party and the Republican Party is the corporations. There isn't a smidge of daylight between the two. Bush or one of his lackey's mutters something, for the millionth time, and the media reports it without question. Even when the media does take a stab at reporting some mild version of the facts, they offset it with twice as much administration spin as actual recounting of relevent information.

No, Rumsfeld doesn't believe the media is being manipulated by the terrorists. He was, when making his comments, referring to reports regarding members of the U.S. military being caught doing bad things. Things like raping, killing, burning a young girl and then slaughtering her family. A case in which a member of the platoon involved had reported the incident. A case in which the military has jailed several of the perpetrators. That, according to Rumsfeld, is a blatant case of "terrorists" manipulating the media.

Sure, the corporate-owned media reported the incident, but they didn't spend much time discussing it and they made sure to include only enough facts to be buried under the official government spin.

Most of all, Rumsfeld wanted to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of the American people. Whenever the people see or hear a report out of Iraq, a report that might be damning to his career and involves military wrongdoing: Rumsfeld wants the people to ask, "Can I trust that report, or is it just those 'terrorists' trying to trick me?"

As usual, Rumsfeld is participating in a stygian assault upon the very foundation of a free society: the information people use to make sound decisions concerning those who would represent them in government. Rumsfeld knows the "terrorists" aren't manipulating the media---that's the administration's realm. Rumsfeld was simply emplying a tool of the demagogue. HE WAS TRYING TO CONVINCE THE PEOPLE THAT THE "ONLY" INFORMATION THEY CAN TRUST AND RELY UPON IS THAT RECEIVED DIRECTLY FROM THE GOVERNMENT OR THEIR CLOSELY ALIGNED PROPAGANDISTS.

Propagandists like Limbaugh or Coulter or Hannity or FOX News. Any other information, especially information not supportive of the government, should be considered as likely being tainted by the unseen enemy.

When the American people see their leaders making outlandish comments like Rumsfeld's, "the terrorists are manipulating the media" hogwash, the people should know they are hearing and seeing the only real enemy of the United States and its Constitution: the demagogues also known as the Bush and Republican Party.

And that isn't demagoguery---that is fact!


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