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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Presidential job approval remains at 34 percent

Harris Interactive
August 24, 2006

Throughout the past few years, President George W. Bush has experienced increases in his job approval ratings whenever a terror scare of some magnitude occured. Those days may be over, as the same numbers of U.S. adults (34%) approve of his job performance today as they did in the early part of August, before the recent announcement of the plot to use liquid explosives to bring down airliners from London. His disapproval numbers remain almost identical as well---65% of adults say his job performance is "only fair" or "poor" as compared to 66% who felt that way earlier in the month.

These are results from the latest Harris Poll of 1,000 U.S. adults surveyed by telephone between August 18 and 21, 2006 by Harris Interactive.

While previous surveys have reflected changes in the president's job approval ratings, this lack of support by the public may parallel a lack of support from his own party members. In early August, about 7 in 10 (69%) Republicans had a positive view of the President's job performance, while now, the number has dropped slightly to 65%. Democratic approval has also dropped, as just 12% have a positive view compared to 15% who felt that way earlier in the month. Independents are the only party to show an increase---currently one-third (33%) have a positive opinion, compared to 28% who felt that way before the terror scare.

When it comes to idelogy, a similar story emerges. Liberal views are almost unchanged (17% now versus 16% at the beginning of August gave the president positive ratings). Conservatives, who should be some of President Bush's strongest supporters, show a slight dip in support (52% currently, down from 54% a few weeks ago). Moderates show a bounce, as 31% have a positive view following the terror scare, up from 24% who felt that way earlier in the month.

Congressinal ballot test

The numbers for the Congressional generic ballot also are nearly unchanged. If the election were held today, almost half (47%) of adults say they would vote for the Democratic candidate, while 32% would vote for the Republican. Earlier in the month, 3 in 10 said they would vote Republican, while 45% said they would vote Democratic. The numbers may have chnaged somewhat, but the bottom line is that the Democrats still hold a 14 point advantage.

Right direction or wrong track

The overall mood of the country remains negative. About one-quarter (26%) say that the country is heading in the right direction, while nearly two-thirds (64%) say it is going off on the wrong track. These numbers hardly changed compared to earlier this month, when 27% thought the country was going in the right direction, compared to 63% who thought it was going off on the wrong track.

Important issues

Terrorism has definitely risen in people's minds as an important issue for the government to address, as 9% believe it should be the most important issue, up from earlier this month when 3% felt that way. More than one-quarter (28%) of adults indicate that the war is the most important issue, followed by the economy (16%) and health care (12%).


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