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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


In much as there is such a thing as a "war on terrorism," George W. Bush and Republican policies and strategies are losing that war. Though Bush and Republicans have managed to con the American people into believing they are strong on national security and that they are fighting a winning strategy against global terrorism, none of the "boots on the ground" facts support such assertions.

Commentary By: A. Alexander
August 20, 2006

Indeed, in the past five years Bush and Republicans could lay claim to only one successful anti-terror mission: Afghanastan. Unfortunately, for the people of Afghanastan and the world, Bush and Republicans have only managed to squander this singular victory in the global war on terrorism. Having routed the Taliban and removed al Qaeda's historical safe refuge, Bush quickly removed both military and intelligence resources from Afghanastan and redirected them to Iraq---a country in no way linked to global terrorism, September 11, or al Qaeda.

***But, as we now know, Afghanastan has been reconquered by the Taliban and the Afghani people seem to prefer it that way! So as for Bush's singular success, I don't think so...Not anymore!

In Afghanastan today, the world watches in horror as the disastrous Bush and Republican decision to abandon the country plays itself out. The Taliban, which had been all but eradicated have returned with a vengeance. Schools are burned to the ground, rural communities have fallen under Taliban control, bombs explode across the country, and Taliban fighters attack coalition forces at will and often with deadly success. With each passing day, the once defeated Taliban grow in strength and influence.

The onetime Bush and Republican "victory" in the war on terrorism, has all but crumbled into another sobering defeat.

Generally speaking, terrorism has been, by definition, a stateless proposition. Under Bush and the Republican national security leadership this is changing and changing rapidly. Afghanastan had once been a "sponsor" of terrorism, but still seperate from their guest al Qaeda. It is likely that when Afghanastan falls again, it will be a terrorist-controlled State. Prior to Bush and Republican policies and strategies, Islamist terrorists only had the hope of toppling regimes unfriendly to their cause. Today, however, Islamist forces and movements have beome nation States. Recent events in Somalia, sadly, highlight perfectly this new reality.

The Bush administration was aware of the Islamist movement threatening to takeover Somalia, so they sponsored and supported warring factions who were by all accounts, thanks to the Bush strategy, doomed to failure. Bush and his people refused to follow the advise of CIA field operatives and failed to properly arm and train the anti-Islamist forces. It was a blunder that eventually led to to U.S. sponsored forces being defeated and allowed Somalia to join the ranks of radical Islamic Statehood.

Ultimately, the objective of "war" is to gain and control ground either once held by enemy forces, or to prevent ground from falling under enemy control. In a war on terrorism, it is incomprehensible that onetime Stateless forces could actually be physically gaining and controlling ground. Yet, under Bush and Republican national security leadership, terrorist organizations have, for the first time ever, been able to do just that.

Prior to Bush's ill-conceived and foolhardy decision to invade Iraq, the country was more-or-less stable and absolutely under no threat of falling into Islamist radical's hands. Today, however, as Iraq's tentative and weak government teeters on the brink of collapse and the nation explodes in civil war, there is a very real threat that after the dust finally settles, Islamist forces will have staked out another State. If war is about winning, controlling, and holding ground then it is safe to say that Bush and Republicans are losing the war on terrorism.

Like nothing ever has, the Bush and Republican war in Iraq has rallied Islamist forces. Onetime moderate Arabs and moderate Islamic people of faith have joined ranks with global terror organizations. Today, thanks to Bush and Republican national security policies and strategies, Amercia and the world faces a much larger and more diversified terrorist threat. Even Muslim people living in the West have taken up the Jidadist call.

British authorities have linked last year's attacks on London's tube system, to having been motivated by the war in Iraq. Terrorist groups like al Qaeda have used Iraq as a sort of university campus for hands-on training in the art of asymmetric warfare. Highlighting this new reality, worldwide intelligence agencies have warned that these terrorist "graduates" are not staying in Iraq. Instead, once they have become proficient at their craft they are spanning out across the globe and returning to their homes, often in Western countries, where they are awaiting an opportunity to employ their newly acquired Iraq-tested skills.

In the final analysis, by all measures of warfare, i.e. taking, holding, controlling ground, and reducing the number of enemy on the battlefield, Bush and Republican national security strategies and policies have been unmitigated failures. Indeed, there is only one conclusion that can be reached: In much as there is such a thing as a "war on terrorism," George W. Bush and Republican policies and strategies are losing that war.



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