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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Commander Bock says government must offer free credit monitoring

vawatchdog dot org
U.S. Newswire
August 8, 2006

Washington---The leader of the nation's largest veterans organization once again called on the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Bush Administration to keep its original promise to provide free credit monitoring for veterans in light of yet another computer theft with data containing personal information of 38,000 veterans treated at VA facilities in Pennsylvania.

***I doubt very highly that they will keep their promise to the veterans. The Republicans hate the veterans for various reasons. With all of this theft going on, it is beyond me how the Republicans continue to say that they are the best party for national security. They can't even protect what is right there in Washington in their own buildings!

"I'm not sure how many computers need to be stolen before veterans get some real assurances from the government that their information is not only safe, but that safe guards will be in place to help protect them against identity theft," said National Commander Thomas L. Bock. "In light of the latest security breach, The American Legion once again calls on the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Republican Bush Administration to keep its promise to veterans and provide free credit monitoring for one year."

***I wonder if Nicholson is "mad at hell" about this again? He should be "embarrassed as all hell!" The VA has been warned about the vulnerability of their system, yet Nicholson evidently has made no effort to protect this data! He needs to resign. After this theft, I'm beginning to think that this is being done by our own. This Republican government should not only keep their promise about the free monitoring, but they should do it for the duration of the life of these veterans who "will" become identity theft victims! Keep this in mind veterans. Elections are coming up in November. You need someone who is going to at least "try" to protect your information and these Republicans have proven that it's not them. We have tested their product for 5 years already and it is a failure! It's time to try another product.

The VA announced yesterday that a subcontractor lost a desktop computer containing veterans' personal information. Unisys reported the computer missing from a Reston, VA., office last week.

***That figures! A Republican corporation!

"Veterans should be able to have full faith and confidence in their government," Bock said. "It is not the fault of the veterans that these breaches have occured. The American Legion is calling on the department and the administration to provide the promised protection."

***Just because they found the laptop that was stolen in the first round of thefts, doesn't mean that the information hasn't been taken from it. It would be crazy for the thieves to use that info yet. It's almost a guarantee that it will be used in the future though! And with the Bush administration and Republican Congress wanting to allow amnesty, I wouldn't put it past them to start gaining profits by selling ID's to the illegals. It's not that far-fetched! We went to war in Iraq for no reason at all, didn't we?

Bock said this lastest breach also reinforces the Legion's previous call on the Administration to look very closely at IT security and procedures at all federal agencies.

***You gotta have money to get IT security and Bush has already given all of our money to Iraq! Including that $90B that they can't account for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Americans across the board, not just veterans, could be the next victim of a security breach," Bock explained. "From the Internal Revenue Service who mails out those refund checks to the Treasury Department who issues those saving bonds, personal information is stored all across the federal spectrum and must be protected---period."


Founded in 1919, the 2.7 million-member American Legion is the nation's preeminent service organization for veterans of the U.S. armed forces, including active duty, National Guard and Reserves, and their families. A powerful voice for veterans in Washington, The American Legion drafted the original GI Bill and was instrumental in establishing the agency that today is the federal Department of Veterans Affairs.

Larry Scott


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