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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Military components of the US occupation of Iraq suffered 183 combat casualties in the week ending Aug 28 (up from 108 last week), bringing the total since the invasion to 21,868. Casualties from hostile causes included 19,773 and 2,095 killed in action.

US media chose to hide this total from the public by deviating from previous practice and ignoring troops wounded in action by not providing a total casualty count. Instead, they generally report only the much lower figure of 2,634 total deaths, which includes 539 (same as last week) from what the Pentagon classifies as "non hostile" causes. The survivors of those victims do not receive the same benefits and support as KIAs.

The public is also given deliberately minimized and false casualty totals because the Pentagon keeps secret and the media do not investigate another estimated 20,000 casualties---troops whose often life altering injuries were sustained from the same "non-hostile" causes it reports from. See the old CBS news report below---note that its 15,000 figure is now almost 2 years old.

For one of the only mainstream reports on the 20,000 uncounted US casualties in Iraq, go to
Iraq: The Uncounted
Bob Simons Talks To Injured GIs Not Included In War Casualty Count'
broadcast on CBS News Nov. 21, 2004


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