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Monday, August 14, 2006


Baghdad (Reuters)---There is no evidence the Iranian government is stirring trouble in Iraq, a U.S. general said on Monday, playing down suggestions that Tehran will retaliate for U.S. backing of Israel's war on Hezbollah.

***Then why is this government and the mainstream media trying to ram this down our throats?

Augyst 14, 2006

"There is nothing that we definitely have found to say that there are any Iranians operating within the country of Iraq," Major General William Caldwell, the top U.S. militry spokesman in Iraq, told a newsconference.

***The why is Cheney telling the American people that there are Iranian troops and weapons in Iraq?

U.S. officials have previously said the war between Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah might encourage Tehran to make mischief in Iraq to pressure the United States, which has some 130,000 troops in the country.

***That's what this government wants you to think. Iran has better things to do than fight in a civil war. Cheney just wants to keep his perpetual war going because the Republicans are losing at the polls!

"Iran has got Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran has got some forces here. There is the possibility they might encourage those forces to create increased instability here," U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad told reporters last week.

***I wonder if Khalilzad got his talking points from FOX Bews!

Caldwell said recently---manufactured Iranian weapons and munitions had been found in Iraq.

***These insurgents are smart enough to go across the border and buy them!

"We do believe that some Shiite elements have been in Iran receiving training. But the degree to which this is known and endorsed by the government of Iran is uncertain," he said.

Several powerful Shiite militias, including the Badr Organization and the Mehdi Army, supporters of radical Shiite Moqtada al Sadr, have long-standing ties with Tehran.

***They always have but that doesn't mean that Iranis coming into this war like Cheney would want you to believe.

Calswell said the contacts were via "third elements associated with Iran."

"We do know that weapons have been provided and IED technology has been made available to these extremist elemets," he said.

***This is all planned by the Republicans. They want to make you think that we are in grave danger from terrorists. You can pinpoint the day that they start their campaigns to the day that they stop campaigning. People who believe that things are getting so bad, better start thinking that it is all getting so bad under this Republican-run government and Congress. We need to be protected by a different party, because the more that these Republicans tell us how scared we should be with their scare tactics, the more people are beginning to believe that it is "just talk" from the Republicans to get reelected. The polls are showing that their scare tactics no longer work!


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