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Friday, August 25, 2006


A teenage soldier killed himself before his first tour of duty in Iraq because he was told he might have to shoot suspected child suicide bombers.

Daily Mail UK
August 25, 2006

Jason Chelsea, 19, who served with the Kings Lancaster Regiment, told his mother that senior officers warned him during special training that Iraqi insurgents used children as young as two as bombers.

The teenager, who has a two-year-old nephew, took an overdose of paracetamol while home on leave and died or liver failure five days later.

As he lay dying in St. James' Hospital, Leeds, he told his parents that he could not face returning to his barracks and then going to Iraq.

Jason, who served in Germany and Cyprus, had told friends that he was looking forward to going on active service for his country.

But his feelings changed dramatically after the warning about child bombers.

His mother Kerry, said last night: 'Jason said that during training for Iraq he was told the time may come when he would have to shoot a young child to save himself and his friends.

'But he has always been very close to his nephew, Cameron. He told me, "There's no way I could shoot a child like Cameron, whatever side he is on."

The family, from Wigan, are now calling for a review of pre-Iraq training given to British soldiers, and the Army has launched an inquiry.

Mrs. Chelsea said: 'I think that they need to think again about the training they are giving to these young soldiers before they go to Iraq.

'On the whole, the Army was good for Jason---but, like all mums, I didn't really want him to join.

'No mother wants their son put in a position where he could be killed.'

The Ministry of Defence said last night: 'We send our heartfelt sympathies to the family of Kingsman Chelsea.

Board of inquiry

'It is our intention to convene a board of inquiry which will examine the circumstances around his death.'

An inquest on Jason has been opened and adjourned.


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