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Thursday, August 31, 2006


President Bush is insisting the United States needs to "win" in Iraq---whatever that means anymore---otherwise the "terrorists" will take over and pose a greater threat than Afghanastan had while ruled by the Taliban. Apparently, he believes muttering such statements make both he and the Republcians appear "strong on national security."

Sadly Bush is half right, which just happens to be twice again right as he is usually.

There now exists, a real danger that a government very much anti-American will rise from the dust of Iraq's ruin. Not likely that government will be a terrorist regime, however, as Iran won't tolerate a Sunni dominated, al-Qaeda sponsored regime to form in their backyard. Considering too, that the Shia have become quite a bit more proficient at the game of slaughter than have Iraq's Sunnis, and it is all the more unlikely "terrorists" will rule Iraq. Even so, after foolsihly invading Iraq, it it quite obvious Mister Bush's incompetence and gross negligence has resulted in a resounding defeat.

The war in Iraq is already lost. Everyone knows that except for President Bush, his administration, most Republicans in Congress, and people who feel a need to apologize for and continue blindly supporting the President's failure. The President and Republicans can, and likely will, continue pretending there is yet hope for "victory" in Iraq, but it is merely political gamesmanship and nothing more.

Yet, regardless of fact and reality, the President will bobble 'round the country insisting America must, at all cost, win the war he's already long ago lost. If he doesn't play this game of political make-believe, he and Republicans cannot present themselves as the Party of "national security."

***Hey! Didn't the Republicans portray themselves as the "moral" majority? We all know that that turned out to be a lie. So why should we believe them now that they claim to be the party of "national security?" If I had heard just a bit of truth from this administration, then maybe I could think about thinking that maybe they are the party that can keep us protected from terrorists. But when you weight the pros and cons of this situation, it only shows how much more terrorism Bush has caused not only for America, but across the world. And Iraq is one of the main reasons that so much more terrorism is going on across the world. How can anyone agree that the Republicans are keeping us safe when they are casuing "more" terrorism? It's just not logical! THE REPUBLICAN SUPPORTERS ARE BLIND OR THEY LIKE THOSE TAX CUTS THEY KEEP GETTING!

They forget one important aspect in regard to national security---starting a war is the easy part. It is something that happens literally everyday. All around the globe one tinhorn dictator or another decides he wants what the neighboring country has, and war begins.

Starting a war is as simple as one, two, FIRE! The trick is in knowing when a war is needed in order to truly defend the nation and the people from legitimate harm. Then, on the rare occasion war is truly needed and can be morally justified, it requires strong and sound leadership in order to win the war. That is, in essence, being strong on national security. Starting a war for no possible justifiable reason and then either winning or losing that war isn't "being strong on national security." That is foolish, reckless, and dangerous and there is a big difference. It is a difference that neither Mister Bush, nor Republicans have been able to figure out.

***They have been able to figure it out. They think that as long as the war in Iraq and the war against terrorism continues, they can continue to take our rights away from us due to the war. They know exactly what they are doing! You don't hear about the arrests being made on Bush dissenters! How people are on house arrest and can't get medical treatment or see their families anymore because the President did all of his signing statements! The Democrats aren't aware of it either. The Republicans are doing things in silence!

So. Mister Bush can bleat and bah all he wants about how vital an American victory in Iraq is, but the fact of the matter remains---there were no terrorists in Iraq before he invaded the country, the war is already long ago lost, he and Republicans lost that war, and the entire fiasco has seriously damaged America's "national security." If the President was concerned about the country's national security and worries now that his mistakes may imperial the nation, he should have considered all those issues before declaring war.

As it is, before the President declared war on Iraq he didn't think of anything but himself, political victories, and vain-glory. Now, he's lost that war and because of that he has endangered the nation's national security.

The President can do and say as he pleases, but doing and saying won't win a war long lost and it certainly won't change the damage done to America's national security.

Progressive Daily Beacon
By: A. Alexander
August 31, 2006


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