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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The Republicans keeping claiming that they are the best party for this country when it comes to keeping the American people safe. I want to know what makes them think that they can keep us safe when they have done nothing but lie to us about what is really happening out there? Check this out:

Federal investigators easily pass border checks using fake identification

By: Lisa Myers
Senior investigative correspondent
NBC News
Augist 1, 2006

Along the northern and southern borders, undercover federal investigators tried to enter the United States using fake driver's licenses and fake birth certificates.

The results? Staggering! At all nine border crossings tested, investigators got in easily. Not a single border agent detected the phony IDs. In fact, at two crossings, agents didn't even check any IDs at all.

***President Bush and the Republicans in Washington have continuosly been telling us that they are better for national security than the Democrats are! I mean, they never stop. They actually believe that if the American people see widespread terrorism spreading across the world, that the Republicans will stay in power. Is this all a plan by the Bush and Israeli government, in order to win the elections? We are not going to need to be saved by anyone if they keep doing this. NOT PROTECTING OUR BORDERS! It's like the Bush administration is looking for another 9/11, just like they were looking for another Pearl Harbor.

"Well, this is totally unacceptable," says Thomas Kean, former chairman of the 9/11 commission.

***As far as I know, the Bush administration has not takn on any of the suggestions given to them by the 9/11 commission. The Democrats have been screaming about this ever since the recommendations have come out, and yet, Bush won't do a darn thing about anything! Bush and the Republicans do nothing but spend all of our taxpayer money on their great failed Iraq situation, while the American people have been putting up with all of the cuts from our domestic programs back here in the U.S.

Kean notes that some 9/11 hijackers used fraudulent IDs. He said someone must finally be held accountable for lapses at the border.

***Whose to blame? Who is running this country? Bush and the Republican majority in Washington, that's who! Who else?

"It's happened too often," Kean says. "And the American people aren't safe because of it."

In fact, this investigation by the Government Accountability Office is a follow-up to one three years ago in which three crossings were tested, and all the agents failed to detect the fake IDs.

At the time, we gave a Washington, D.C., bar manager a stack of IDs to see if he could pick out a fake license---almost exactly the same as the one government agents missed.

He did.

Sen. Charles Grassley, (R-IOWA), says it's appalling that nothing has been fixed.

***He's a Republican. He should go tell his boss about this! He can't, because then he won't get supported by the RNC according to Rove! These kind of people shouldn't be in government. Grassley isn't strong enough.

"The Department of Homeland Security hasn't made any progress in three years!" Grassley says.

We will not reveal the exact crossings tested this year, but they're in a variety of states: California, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Michigan and New York.

DHS says it has increased manpower and trining so officers can spot fake documents.

***Evidently, it's not enough! If the Department of Homeland Security would quit spending all of its appropriations on things that aren't appropriate, like surgeries and bar bills, then maybe there'd be enough money for protecting the people of America.

"It's appropriate to note we acknowledge the vulnerability exists," says DHS offical Paul Morris. "And it will continue as long as we have inconsistent and somewhat insecure documents."

***But what about those crossings that didn't even look at the IDs? What does this guy have to say about that? What? Isn't there enough manpower to get these guys to even look at IDs? There's no excuse, is there?

The 9/11 commission and now DHS say the answer is to require passports for everyone crossing the border---even Americans.

***We know about those recommendations already. But why hasn't anything been done yet?


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