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Friday, August 25, 2006


Batavia---About a dozen people called upon House Speaker Dennis Hastert on Tuesday to work toward strengthening the health-care system to provide affordable health care to all.

SuburbanChicagoNews dot com
By: Angela Fornelli
August 23, 2006

The uninsured residents and health-care advocates stood outside Hastert's Batavia office and demanded the speaker "use the power of his office to bring real reform to health care that is inefficient, unaffordable and unfair," said William McNary, co-director of Citizen Action Illinois and president of U.S. Action.

***Hastert only uses the "power of his office" to hurt individuals who speak out against him or to make his family rich-er!

The event, hosted by Illinois for Health Care, was part of the National Health Care day of Action, in which people in 50 cities across 30 states participated. It comes at the forefront of mid-term elections and updated Census Bureau statistics on ths uninsured, to be released next week.

***Hastert's campaign supporters are pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies! Who do you think he's going to work for. The "people" who can't afford to fill his pockets? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!

Current estimates shoe nearly 46 million Americns lack insurance, including 33,000 in Kane County, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

***And that's a richer part of the state!

Juanita Wells is one of them from Aurora. Wells, a member of the East Aurora School Board, said she lost her medical coverage after the company she worked for downsized and she lost her job. Her current job is at a small not-for-profit that does not offer health coverage for its employees, yet her salary is too high to qualify for state aid. And, at age 56, she is too young to qualify for Medicare.

"The United States must provide medical coverage for those that fall between the cracks," Wells said at the press conference Tuesday. "We all know it's much more costly to treat full-blown diseases."

Wells, who has survived cancer and also takes medications for high blood pressure and diabetes, said she sometimes goes without her blood pressure medication, which costs $160 a month, because she can't afford it.

"There are times I need to go to the doctor and I don'g go because I don't have the money to pay for a doctor's visit," she said.

Brad Hahn, spokesman for Hastert, said the congressman has been a leading voice for expanding access to quality health care.


"This kind of stunt can be expected around campaign time, but they really should check their facts before they start printing T-shirts," Hahn said.

***If this was expected, then where in the hell was Hastert to speak for himself?

Hastert has been instrumental in forming the prescription drug benefit now availbale through Medicare and also led the effort to create tax-free health savings accounts, Hahn said. The speaker also has been a leading voice for malpractice reform and supports health plans that allow small businesses to pool together to purchase low-cost insurance, he said.

***Yeah! Isn't this the prescription drug benefit that is screwing all of the old people? They better stop cheerleading this guy on, because he has done nothing but hurt the elederly!

As part of the event, the organization placed chalklines of people on the sidewalk to dramatize that they will no longer "chalk-up" the health-care crisis to "Congress' misplaced priorities."

***The best thing for this organization to do is make sure that they get to the polls in November to vote this guy out! He doesn't deserve their support! At the same time, they can give the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies "what for" at the same time.


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