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Monday, August 07, 2006


Banks among Topinka's biggest campaign donors

Blagojevich says state treasurer is a "hypocrite"

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Associated Press
August 6, 2006

SPRINGFIELD---The key message of Republican Judy Baar Topinka's campaign for governor is that the Democratic incumbent has allowed political money to corrupt his administration and dictate who gets jobs and contracts.

But while she spreads that message to voters, Topinka is accepting political money from banks and other financial institutions doing business with the state treasurer's office that she has run for three terms.

Although Topinka insists donors get no special treatment from her office, Gov. Rod Blagojevich's re-election campaign accuses her of hypocrisy.

A government watchdog group said Topinka, like Blagojevich, is fueling the public perception of Illinois as a state with no real seperation between government and politics.

"When I go out and talk to people, They think we're living in a state of total shakedowns," said Cynthia Canary, executive director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform.

During the first six months of this year, for instance, Topinka took in at least $120,000 from banks, credit unions and their executives, according to records her campaign filed last week. She also got thousands of dollars from investment funds, as well as payday loan companies and other short-term lenders.

Some of those donors have received multi-million dollar contracts from the treasury's office over the years. Others have been the recipients of millions of dollars in state deposits.

Topinka says there is no connection between the donations and her office's activities.
***Yeah, right! And she backs that liar from Washington, Bush and visa-versa!

Contracts to do work for her office are awarded through a competitive bidding process to identify the best company for the job, she says, and that bank gets the work, whether it has donated to her campaign or not.

"There is no correlation," Topinka said Thursday. "There is absolutely no correlation."

Not all contracts are competitively bid, however.

Topinka extended a lease and rented a larger space in a Springfield building without getting bids from competitors. Her aides said it would have been impractical to consider moving to a new space, but the decision benefited a businessman who has given Topinka $41,000 since she became treasurer.

Despite Topinka's claim that "absolutely everything" is done through competitive bidding, the Blaojevich campaign pointed to a variety of other contracts from the late 1990's where Topinka's office did not get bids. The office was not required by law to solicit bids but could have been done so voluntarily.

Some of those contracts were worth millions of dollars and went to Topinka campaign contributors, such as the Bank of America and LaSalle Bank.

Blagojevish aides argue there is nothing inherently wrong with awarding contracts to campaign donors or even doing it without going through competitive bidding. They say Topinka is wrong to criticize Blagojevich's practices while doing similar things herself.

"She goes on and on about 'pay-to-play' politics. The point is that she again is demonstrating dishonesty and hypocrisy," said Blagojevich campaign spokeswoman Sheila Nix. "If she's going to criticize that, then she's got to be held to the same standards."

The treasurer's office also deposits state money in banks for short periods, ranging from 30 days to a year. The banks, and sometimes credit unions, pay the state interest on the money, but they also benefit from having the money available to use in other financial transactions.

Topinka's aides say the treasurer's office has no discretion to decide which banks will get state money and which won't. Any banks that want to take state deposits and meet general criteria for financial solvency must get a share of the money, they say.

Spokesman John McGovern rejected the accusation of hyprocrisy in Topinka's criticism of Blagojevich and her heavy emphasis in the federal investigation of his administration.

***They don't tell you about what is going on behind the scenes in her life though, do they? She's also being probed!

Blagojevich has overseen "an explosion" of no-bid contracts being awarded to donors, McGovern said. In contrast, Topinka's office awards only a handful of contracts, uses a competitive building process that often selects banks that haven't given money and is not accused of any wrongdoing.

***That's what you say!

Canary, from the Campaign for Political Reform, agreed that the treasurer's office operates on a far smaller scale than the Blagojevich administration when it comes to contracts. There is far less state resources being misused to reward campaign donors, she said.

***What the heck do you think will happen if she ever became Governor. Let's face it, she's backed by that "no-mind" GW!

But Canary said it's still bad policy for Topinka to take donations from banks.

"It is so corrosive to the public confidence," Canary said. "It doesn't matter whether it's really true or not because they're still losing confidence in state government. It's creating disillusionment."

Topinka's donors give a variety of reasons for their support that have nothing to do with contracts.

Short-term lenders, such as payday loan businesses, object to Blagojevich's efforts to impose stricter limits on how much they can lend and for how long.

***Why? Because Blagojevich knows that places like these rip off the people and wants to put a limit on that. It's bad for the citizens of the state in the long-run! Topinka wants to allow the loan businesses the right to be able to rip people off. You're usually borrowing money that you don't have in the first place. And with the Republicans running this country, people don't know if they are going to have a job tomorrow and yet, they still have to pay back these loan companies that rip you off royally!

The Illinois Credit Union League said Topinka has promised to roll back some of the fee increases Blagojevich has imposed and to end Blagojevish's policy of dipping into government funds that had been set aside for financial services.

It's impossible to tally the exact amount Topinka is getting from banking interests because her campaign finance reports generally do not list a donor's occupation, although that is supposed to be included. That makes it difficult to tell whether a contributor is a banking executive.

***Right there she is being deceptive. Why won't she include the occupation's that are supposed to be included? If she's not trying to hide something, than why aren't they being listed?

What worries me most about Topinka is that she thinks this country is going in the right direction just as Bush does. If we allow her to become Governor, which she won't be, she'll take this sate in the same direction that the rest of the country is going to being led by Bush and his deceptive administration. If Bush likes her, than she is a kiss ass and has sold herself out to him. That means doing whatever it is he wants her do to! THE PEOPLE OF THIS STATE DO NOT WANT TO BE RUN BY WASHINGTON!


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