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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The Bush Administration's public relations blitz leading up to the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina doesn't change the fact that their response to Katrina was disastrous and failed to keep Americans safe.

***Yet another reason not to re-elect the Republicans who claim that they are so good for this nation's national security. They still haven't fixed this problem. Their first priority is Iraq, not America or it's people! Instead of watching all of the shows that have been leading up to the 9/11 avvicersary, maybe you should start watching the Hurricane Katrina stories. Anyone of these stories that don't have government people talking in them is going to be the truth. The Republicans want your mind set on 9/11, that's why it was allowed to happen. Don't forget, it happened on their watch. They didn't put any effort into stopping it either in hopes that we are reminded of it every September & October, because elections are held in November.

The federal government's immediate response to Katrina was marked by chaos, confusion and utter incompetence.

In the aftermath of the response, President Bush and congressional Republicans made many promises to the desperate residents of the region, but most were broken.

Largely as a result, much of the Gulf Coast remains devastated, and residents continue to suffer from inadequate housing, health care and other basic services, and an infrastructure that cannot support badly needed economic development.

We cannot change the past, but we can control the future.

America can and must keep its promises to the Gulf Coast. It is time for a new direction, where despair and destruction are replaced by hope and renewal.

***This country definitely needs a new direction ran by a different party. Bush needs to be made a lame duck President. The only way to accomplish that is to level out the majority in Washington. For this country's sake we must get rid of the Republicans or you will have nothing. They have big plans for the people if the Republicans are once again voted the majority.

The Democrats can't be blamed for what has happened to the people in the country since the Republicans control both houses of congress. The Democrats have written up legislation, but the Republican leaders like Hastert and Frist won't allow their legislation to get to the floor of the House. For this country's sake, vote out the Republicans.


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