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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Do you want the truth America, because often it seems you can't handle the truth.

By: Al Alexander
August 2006

Despite all the relevant facts (i.e., GOP and Rove bullshpin) 55% of the American people believe Bush is doing a good job battling terrorism and by approximately 10%, Americans believe Republicans do a better job dealing with terrorism than Democrats could. And, pray-tell, what are these beliefs based on? Well, they can only be grounded in the Bush, Rove and Republican bull-shpin machine, because there isn't a single shred of reality-based evidence that supports such absurd conclusions.

Here is how it works America: Bush and Republicans hype a terror threat and then stumble over one another trying to get their faces before the news cameras. Once there, they all trumpet the great job they've done in preventing harm being done to American citizens. They even manage to mention that had they not stopped, let's say seven hapless and bootless fools in Miami from figuring out their sphincter from a hole-in-the-ground, and of course too, had Democrats been in charge; the bungling Miami morons whose leader traipsed around the neighborhood in his bathrobe, would have miraculously managed to cause "mass death" on a scale heretofore unheard of in the American experience. By Jiminy, had Bush and the Republicans not been there to halt the invasion, the same seven---count 'em, SEVEN---bootless masters of disaster, being led by their bathrobe attired General, would have unleashed an all out ground assault on America.

Such absurd tales of terror woe are always, without fail, linked to Republican prowess at keeping America safe from "evil doers," while simultaneously used to bludgeon Democrats for somehow being "weak" on terrorism. As we all know by now, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for bin Laden...or people parading around their neighborhoods in their bathrobes.

Please, do quite this essay at any moment that what is being communicated doesn't describe actual events.

Remember too American citizens, that these tall tales of death and danger behind every bathrobe in the U.S., are the product of the same group who convinced the public that Saddam Hussein was somehow implicated in the attacks of 9/11, a good pal of Osama bin-Laden, and that Iraq was literally swimming in stockpiles of WMD. It would behoove one and all to filter every terror-related variable through the Bush-GOP trouble-with-the-truth function because, unlike the stories of their feats of derring-do, reports and studies from around the world provide proof positive that Bush and Republicans are, far from their self-proclaimed mastery of the situation, being roundly defeated in the war on terror. And that, America, is the truth.

Understanding that this thing called "truth" is a marked contrast from the Rove-scripted bull-shpin fed so gleefully to America by the mainstream media, the hard evidence, all of which points directly at a resounding Bush and Republican pummeling at the hands of the "terrorists," will be presented forthwith:

1. It has been 1,805 days since bin Laden attacked America, and still he walks free.

***That's so that Bush and the republicans can keep up their scare tactics!

2. Though al-Qaeda was not in Iraq prior to the invasion, there is today, a small contingency---about 5% of all fighters---there now. Global intelligence has said Iraq has become a transient terrorist training "university" of sorts. It is transient in that al-Qaeda can send people to Iraq, so they can learn the trade of terrorism and then return to wherever they've come from---many are from Western countries---and apply what they've learned in their homeland.

3. The Taliban in Afghanastan, the rogue regime and ally of bin Laden, who were once on the verge of defeat have risen from the ashes and are nearing the precipice of their bid to retake the country.

4. In nearly every year since 2001 and especially in 2005, the number of terror attacks worldwide has increased. Not only have the attacks increased in frequency but too, they've become more effective and lethal. Think Madrid and London.

5. Studies done in Britain have shown that the July, 2005 tube attacks were directly motiviated by events in Iraq.

6. Iraq has proven to be the motivation behind onetime "moderate" Islamic young men in Europe, aligning themselves with the al-Qaeda movement. They don't actually join the group or attend their terrorist training camps---they simply sympathize with al-Qaeda's goals and become self-declared members and participants of the Jihadist movement.

7. While Bush dallied in Iraq, Somalia, through a failed Bush-Republican strategy to support other groups, has fallen into the hands of radical Islamist forces.

8. The United States military hasn't been able to recruit enough people to fill positions, so the Army has had to recall more than 14,000 people from inactive reserve and the Marine Corps is planning to recall 2,500 or more from their inactive reserves. Pretty hard to fight and win a war, if there aren't enough people to do the actual fighting.

9. America's ports, nuclear plants, chemical factories, food supply chain, drinking water, and mass transit system, other than air planes, are to this day no more secure than they were on 9/11.

10. A British think-tank has come to the conclusion that: "Iran has been the chief beneficiary of the war on terror in the Middle East," and "Iran's influence in the Middle East has increased as a result of America's war on terror."



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