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Saturday, July 22, 2006


WASHINGTON (AP)---President Bush's incompromising support for Israel in its battle with Hexbollah, a stance now backed by Congress, is threatening to isolate the United States even further from the international community.

It is also putting the administration at odds with fragile democratic governments in the Middle East that it is simultaneously trying to prop up, and sowing increasing anger across the Arab world.

***You know, the rest of the world is now viewing the United States and its occupants as a danger in the world. All because of Bush and his Republican puppets. Do you really think that you are safer now than you were when Bush wasn't in office. These Republicans in Washington have proven that they cannot govern. They have made a mess of what we used to call "The Land of Opportunity!"

The democratically elected prime ministers of both Iraq and Lebanon have been among the most vocal critics of U.S. policy in the 10-day Israeli bombardment of Lebanon.

***And don't think that the Iraqi people aren't viewing this because they are. What do you think their attitudes regarding our troops is going to be now?

Some foreign policy analysts question whether Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice can make such headway on her trip to the region early next week---especially given U.S. rejection of international calls for a cease-fire and refusal to talk to key players such as Hezbollah or its Iranian and Syrian sponsors.

"You don't just negotiate with your friends. Sometimes you negotiate with your enemies, or at least your adversaries," said Sandy Berger, former national security adviser in the Clinton White House. "We negotiated with the Soviet Union for 50 years."

***It is the "holier than thou" attitude from this Republican administration that has the U.S. in such bad relations. Bush thinks that he is better than everyone else and the rest of the world doesn't appreciate that. That may have worked for him in Texas, but Texas is only a spot on the map compared to the rest of the world. Bush is very irresponsible just like he has been throughout his whole life. What? Do you think that all of the stories that you have heard about him were made up? There must be a basis for everything. But this time, daddy can't get him out of what danger he has brought upon the United States.

Both the first President Bush and President Clinton met directly with then-Syrian President Hafez al-Assad in efforts to advance Mideast peace prospects.

But the current Bush administration is adamant in resisting any current contact with Syrian President Bashar Assad, sone of the former president, or with Hezbollah leaders.

***That's because Cheney wants to go to war with Syria. It is part of Cheney's "perpetual war" syndrome. He wants Halliburton to be able to reconstruct everything because he gets a cut!

"The track record stinks" in terms of what both former Presidents Bush and Clinton achieved in their meetings with Assad's father, White House press secretary Tony Snow said. And Rice told reporters on Friday, "Syria knows what it needs to do, and Hezbollah is the source of the problem."

***"The track record stinks?" Isn't this the same guy that said "No president has looked this impotent this long when it comes to fulfilling presidential prerogatives." (Tony Snow said this about his current boss, so how are we supposed to take anything that he says about other administrations to heart?)

Hezbollah is an Islamic militant group based in southern Lebanon that is supported by both Syria and Iran. The crisis began when Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers and Israel retaliated by widespred bombing in Lebanon and with a naval blockade. Hezbollah upped the ante by firing hundreds of missiles into northern Israel, provoking more Israeli counterattacks and displacing what the U.S. estimates as a half-million people.

Arab anger is rising toward both Israel and the United States, even though moderate governments throughout the region do not wish to see Hezbollah's tentacles grow any further, viewing the group as an extension of Iran's ambitions to increase influence throughout the Middle East.

***I thought that Bush's war on terror was supposed to stop all of this? His war on terror has only made it worse for the United States!

The U.S. has not yet been able to capitalize on that Arab ambivalence toward Hezbollah.

"The administration does the rhetoric of war well, BUT IS NOT VERY GOOD WITH DIPLOMACY," said Judith Kipper, a Middle East specialist at the private Council of Foreign Relations in Washington.

***It's easy to be a bully and have someone else fight your battles. But this Bush administration and his cabinet aren't competent enough to sit down and make diplomatic decisions.

Trips bu Rice to the region "don't accomplish anything," she said.

Both the House and Senate passed resolutions this week by overwhelming margins supporting Israel---and the Bush administration policy---in the conflict.

***And whose the majority in the House and the Senate?

But the votes were probably more of a reflection of midterm election year politics---and a desire not to offend Jewish voters---than any newfound appreciation of Bush's foreign policy skills.

***What foreign policy skills? He has failed 100% on that front!

The combined effect of the administration's hardline pro-Israel stance and Congress' echoing of it is to undermine U.S. policy, said Shibley Telhami, a Mideast scholar at the University of Maryland.

"We're acquiescing in what is obviously a humanitarian disaster, regardles of who's to blame. And that is not a message that helps the United States," Telhami said.

While leaders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan have condemned Hezbollah's tactics, "they're going against public opinion in their countries. You have an ovrwhelming outpouring of public support for Hezbollah."

***This is what causes terrorism. The will of the people and not their government! BUSH IS CREATING MORE TERRORISTS! How can we be safe with this administration?

Daniel Ayalon, Israel's ambassador to Washington, said Israel understands public opinion has been inflamed in the Arab world. He said he expects "a spike against us" in the days to come, but he emphasized that Israel was not prepared to give up its campaign until Hezbollah is sufficiently weakened.

***That's what Bush thought about the insurgency in Iraq. He thought that he was going to get them under control. Instead, just the opposite happened and we now have more enemies than friends.

At that point, Israel might consider supporting an international peacekeeping presence, Ayalon said in an interview with the Associated Press. But not before.

For the Bush administration, it's a hard balancing act.

It wants to show it is reaching out to allies in the Middle East and in Europe, as with Rice's trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories and then to Rome for a broader meeting. But the administration also doesn't want to meet with Syria, Hezbollah or Iran---and it wants to give Israel time to try to find and destroy Hezbollah command centers and weapons stockpiles.

***Don't be surprised if the Bush administration comes up with war plans by Hezbollah stating that they were going to make a hit on the U.S. The U.S. and Israel are and have been working on this together for a long time. Why, you ask? Because it's election season! When do you think they are going to put Saddam Hussein to death? Why are his attorneys (from the U.S.) boycotting his trial. DELAY TACTICS! The Bush administration needs Saddam put to death as close to the elections as possible. If not this election season, then in 2008!

It all results in what critics suggest is a one-sided form of shuttle diplomacy.

Rice defended the style of her diplomacy---as well as the late start. "I could have gotten on a plane and rushed over and started shuttling and it wouldn't have been clear what I was shuttling to do," she said Friday.

***It's all a plan!

Source of Info: Las Vegas Sun
Tom Raum (Associated Press)
July 21, 2006


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