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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


BAGHDAD---A burgeoning rash of sectarian violence continued today here in the Iraq capital with shootings and bombings leaving at least 35 dead and 45 wounded.

The upsurge in clashes between Shiites and Sunnis, despite a massive monthlong security clampdown in Baghdad, has alarmed the city's 6 million residents as well as politicians who have summoned the security ministers to parliament Thursday for answers.

"This plan was put in place by the Americans," said Sheik Jalaluddin Saghir, a Shiite lawmaker and cleric. They either do not know how to read the security situation well or they do not care in a responsible way for what is happening. The flaw of the plan is not with the nature of the troops but the will of these troops is paralyzed."

Much of today's violence was centered on the poor, religiously mixed districts of southern and southwestern Baghdad including Dora, already under extra security and a dusk-to-dawn curfew.

In today's most brutal incident, gunmen in Dora stopped a Shiite family returning from funerals in the holy city of Najaf, pulled mourners out of the minibus and shot them dead, beheading one member of the family, police and hospital officials said. Two were also injured in the incident.

Police said they later killed the gunmen in a shootout. But chaos continued through much of Baghdad's southern edge, which abuts the dangerous stretch of countryside called the "triangle of death," where three U.S. soldiers were ambushed and killed by insurgents last month.

The Muslims Asholars Assn. said that Shiite militiamen attacked four Sunni areas in Dora, with mortar shells striking a local market. Police said they caught 17 Shiite militiamen with the help of armed neighborhood vigilantes.

In the nearby Sadiya neighborhood, three Iraqi soldiers were killed and seven injured when an explosion, an apparent car bomb, went off near a house being used to quarter members of an Iraqi army battalion. Four mortar rounds landed around a nearby Sunni Mosque.

Kidnappers in the area also abducted an Iraqi diplomat who serves in Tehran. Wasim Jasim Abdullah Awadi, a Shiite, had just come for vacation to his parents' home in a southern Baghdad neighborhood when he was taken at gunpoint.

Elsewhere in the capital, armed men stormed the office of a Mansour neighborhood company owned by a Sunni Arab businessman, killing eight employees and injuring three in execution-style shootings, hospital and police officials said.

A pair of explosions outside the main entrance to the U.S. protected Green Zone killed five and injured 11. Police say locals gave chase to a suspicious man who blew himself up in front of a restaurant. Shortly afterward a nearby car bomb exploded just as a Shiite lawmaker passed through.

"I heard an explosion so I stepped down from the car with my guards only to be startled with the second explosion," said Gufran Saadi, who was not injured in the incident." And then, there was heavy shooting."

Another car bomb exploded in the middle-class Shiite district of Karada, killing three and injuring seven, all civilians along a busy commerical street of grocery stores and automotive supply shops.

A roadside bomb exploded in southeastern Baghdad, setting a fuel tanker ablaze and killing two and injuring 15 passerby.

The Muslim Scholars Assn. also claimed gunmen with possible ties to Shiite militias stormed through western Baghdad, attacking three mosques and causing an unspecified number of casualties among civilian and security guards. Shiite-dominated police often avoid volatile stretches of western Baghdad, which has a large Sunni population.

The violence also continued outside of the capital. A police official said a roadside bomb targeted a U.S. patrol south of Karbala. There were no report of casualties, but police said Americans sealed off the area.

Unknown gunmen in the southern city of Basra kidnapped two executives of a state-owned paper company, police said.

Meanwhile, the trial of Saddam Hussein and seven co-defendants on human rights charges adjourned today until July 24, still without any sign of the top defendants' lawyers, who have boycotted the proceedings.

Judge Raouf Rasheed Abdel Rahman, presiding over the case, has named substitute attorneys and warned that those court-appointed lawyers would make the defendat's final arguments if the original lawyers don't show up.

"The absence of the defendant's original lawyer will hurt the benefit of the defendant himself," he said, addressing the minor defendants' lawyers, who did show up. "You should tell your colleagues that they should appear here now, and if they don't they will hurt their clients."

***These are only a few of the things that have been kept out of the news while the American people's attention is being diverted to the violence going on in Lebanon. Things are not getting better in Iraq. And do you really think that these people want us there until 2016? The Iraqi people blame our troops for all of this violence. We are now considered occupiers.

Source of Info: Los Angeles Times
Borzou Daragahi/Times Staff Writer
July 11, 2006


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