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Sunday, July 23, 2006


***Sometimes, you just find an article that speaks for itself and I don't have to comment. Here's one of the best ones I've come across yet:

A. Alexander
July 23, 2006

It is no secret that the Bush administration and Republicans are completely disconnected from the American people, but what is becoming increasingly obvious is that they've become disconnected from reality.

A new Harris Poll shows Bush's rating stuck at a pathetic 34%, and the Democrats' lead over Republicans, widening. What is more, 50% of "moderates" and 32% of Conseratives intend to vote Democrat in November. Stunning and shocking numbers to be sure, but there is good reason for this new American political reality, and, perhaps, Charles Buckley said it best, "I was a Republican-until they lost their minds."

Indeed, Republicans have lost their minds. The entire GOP has become controlled by a crazy band of ideologically-driven extremist Christians (not to be confused with those who actually practice Christ's teachings) of which, Bush, Frist, and scores of Republicans including Rick Santorum belong. (**I must add J. Dennis Hastert's name to that list! The Republican from Illinois! One of Bush's lapdogs! The one that decides to bring everything that Bush wants to the floor of the House. You know, Speaker of the House!!!)

This small cult within the American experience is the only group today's Republicans seek to satisfy. Whether it is Terry Schiavo, the war in Iraq, school vouchers, flag-burning, gay marriage amendment, the pledge of allegiance, or stem cell research Republicans move from one crazy wedge issue to another. Indeed, they are going from crazy to crazier.

These wedge issues used to work for Republicans because the majority of the American people weren't familiar with the GOP's true intentions. The people had no idea just how extreme Republican ideology could be and, too, absolutely no clue as to how incompetent ideologically driven political Parties could be. They are today, only too aware.

While the nation and world face serious and grave challenges---whether it is the economy, Israel's latest fight with Hezbollah, health care, falling wages, rising gas prices, Iraq coming completely undone, or Iran's nuclear weapons---the Republicans have busied themselves burying their heads in the sand and expending all their energy jumping from one insanity driven wedge issue to another. And it isn't only the issues that are hurting Republicans: Unlike in the past, the American people have a new context in which to see the GOP's wedge issue mania and that context is the craziness driving Republican ideology.

Make no mistake about it, Republicans are truly crazy. Everytime they drag out a wedge issue their poll numbers fall. Instead of, as some people might, recognizing their crazy behavior is doing more harm than good---Republicans seem to think the problem is that the issue wasn't extreme enough, so the next legislative act is even crazier than the last.

The problem for Republicans, of course, is that they've become deluded into believing their extremist base is America. Charles Buckley was right, "they've lost their minds."

Regardless of the situation or circumstance the Republican response is the same---CRAZY! As Iraq unravels and a civil war wages, Republicans popup on television to talk about how great things are going and how "we've turned another corner." When the Bush administration predicts a huge deficit and then revises downward their own prediction so their deficit is only less huge, the President claims his economic policies a "success." While gas prices were moving steadily upward, Republicans gave big oil massive tax-cuts. When Terry Schiavo's husband wanted her to die with a little dignity, Republicans literally tried to rip her from her bed. As more than 1,000 Americans perished in New Orleans, Bush was telling "Brownie" he was doing "a heckuva job." And Now, in what can only be considered the craziest of the crazy, Republicans like Newt Gingrich and the usual propaganda suspects such as Hannity and Limbaugh, undoubtedly on Rove's orders, are trying to convince the American people that they are in the midst of World War Three.

***Oh my God! With Bush as president, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! They are only trying to say that the end days are here, like it says in "THEIR" made up King James Bible.

Not only are the Republicans trying to convince the American people that they are living in the midst of World War Three, but Newt Gingrich thinks Bush should make congress convene sometime in September and actually declare World War Three.

That is truly crazy! Yet, Republicans cannot see reality through their extremist ideology goggles. Here is a little reality tester for Republicans: If you have to tell people they are in the midst of World War Three because you, as a Republican, don't think they can figure it out for themselves...it is probably because it isn't World War Three. If and when World War Three does happen, it isn't likely people will need politicians to point it out. It'll be pretty damned obvious.

The reasons Bush's ratings are stuck in the 30's and Republicans keep falling farther behind Democrats in the polls is simple. Republicans have become disconnected from reality. As Charles Buckley said, "I was a Republican---until they lost their minds."


posted by Angela
on July 23rd, 2006 at 6:58AM

I can almost pinpoint the time when their minds started to go. In 1992, when President Clinton drove them from the White House. They started spinning big time and haven't stopped since. Wingnut Crazies United and it was downhill all the way to LOONEYVILLE!


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