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Saturday, July 22, 2006


House Republicans took the opportunity this week to play politics instead of working on the priorities of the American people. This included a failed attempt to amend our Constitution to prohibit same sex marriage. We do not need to enshrine discrimination and bigotry into the Constitution in order "to protect" marriage.

American families are not at risk from same sex marriage. What they are at risk from is stagnant wages, sky high health care costs, and record gas prices.

Likewise, Republicans pushed a court stripping bill "to protect" the phrase "under God" in the national pledge of allegiance---a waste of time at best, and unconstitutional at worst.

If Republicans truly wanted to show compassion, they would work toward policies that benefit our society and raise the $5.15 per hour national minimum wage.

Congress should be addressing the real needs and concerns of the Ameican people, not holding purely political votes to distract and divide. We need a New Direction, and we need it now.


Pelosi: The Federal Marriage Amendment Defiles Our Cherished Constitution:


Video: Once Again, Republicans Play Politics of Distract and Divide:


***Doesn't the Republican base find it kinda' strange that the only time these wedge issues come up is when the Republicans need their vote? When are they going to see the light?


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