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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Democrats are committed to a New Direction for America and each day there is evidence in the press that America needs a New Direction. Please see some of the examples below. Thanks!

"Eight in 10 cities say their emergency responders still can't communicate with each other or area towns, 44% have not created or updated their evacuation plans, and nearly three-quarters say they're not prepared to handle a flu pandemic outbreak."---USA Today on a new survey of 183 American cities released today by the Conference of Mayors


"The increase in energy prices is clearly making the economy worse off both in terms of real activity and in terms of inflation," he said. "There is no question about it."

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke


"Essentially what the White House is saying is 'Stay the course, stay the course.' I don't think that course is politically sustainable."

Rep. Gil Gutknecht (MN) on Iraq, Washington Post 7/20/06


"I don't think any of us have done a terribly good job of thinking through how far behind the eight ball we are on these issues."

Carlos Pascual [former aide to Sec. Rice & current foreign policy studies director at Brookings] on oil & foreign policy issues


"DOD has not enforced security controls for preventing sensitive excess military equipment from release to the public," the report concluded. "GAO was able to purchase these items because controls broke down at virtually every step in the excess property turn-in and disposal process."

AP on new GAO report on sensitive military equipment being sold to the public instead of being destroyed. GAO report said, "data could be usefull to terrorists." 7/23/06



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