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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Personal records for every Navy and Marine Corps aviator or aircrew member who has logged flight hours in the past 20 years have been posted on a public Navy Web site for the past six months, COMPROMISING MORE THAN 100,000 SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, the Navy Safety Center announced yesterday.

***This makes you wonder what our government is up too! Are they trying to get illegal immigrants social security cards?

Investigators are working to determine how the records landed on the Navy Safety Center's Web site, which officials shut down Thursday after a member of the public reported finding the full names and Social Security numbers posted. Evelyn Odango, a spokewoman for the safety center in Norfolk, said the list had been posted since December and appeared to be "inadvertent" and the result of "human error."

***Then why aren't there more intelligent people working at places that have this type of information? It's still the government's fault!

The security breach involving personal information is among several data losses involving the federal government in recent weeks, INCLUDING THE LOSS OF RECORDS RELATED TO MORE THAN 2.6 MILLION RETIREES AND ACTIVE-DUTY MILITARY PERSONNEL ON A LAPTOP THAT WAS STOLEN IN MAY FROM A VETERANS AFFAIRS EMPLOYEE'S HOME. The laptop was recovered last month.

***Nobody cares if it was recovered or not. Doesn't the government realize that we are smart enough to realize that all of that information is in the hands of someone else now? If these cards are used by illegals, do you realize that whatever they charge on credit cards that they have gotten through the use of your information, is YOUR responsibility and YOU must be the one to have to PAY to get this all taken care of and the companies that they have ripped off won't even press charges, so these illegals are off the hook? ALL OF THIS....COURTESY OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION. It's too coincidental since Bush wants to give these people a free pass. And the people that want to hire them (the upper 1%) are all of Bush's friends! To those who are sitting there saying no, instead of asking yourself why would he do this, maybe you should ask yourself, why wouldn't he do this?

The Government Accountabilty Office, the Agriculture Department, The Energy Department and the IRS ALL ANNOUNCED THAT THEY HAVE HAD SIMILAR PERSONAL DATA COMPROMISED RECENTLY VIA WEB SITE POSTINGS, Internet hackers and loss of electronic equipment. Two weeks ago, the Navy announced that personal information on 28,000 sailors and their family members was compromised when it appeared on a public Web site.

Odango said the Navy Safety Center list was discovered Thursday by someone not affiliated with the command, who then immediately reported it. She said the lists includes all retired, active-duty and reservist personnel who have logged flight hours in the past two decades. The center is a command dedicated to improving the safety of Navy operations.

***And what does Bush go and do? He makes cuts to Homeland Security! All of his national security is nothing but a front. Bush isn't protecting anybody!

"That's the kind of information that is not supposed to be put on the Web site, and it was inadvrtently posted," Odango said. "We don't have any proof that any information has been accessed or that it has been used illegally."

***Do you have any proof that it wasn't?

The information was included on 1,083 computer disks that were sent to all Navy and Marine Corps commands, Odango said, and Navy officials are working on recalling those disks.

Navy officials are encouraging anyone whose name could have been on the list to carefully monitor bank accounts, credit cards and other financial transactions to make sure the information is not being used fraudulently.

***It costs money to do that! It's not these servicemembers' fault! It's so easy for them to say! Most people are living paycheck to paycheck nowadays since the Bush administration has outsourced all of our jobs.

Those who might have been affected can contact the Navy Personnel Command call center at 866-827-5672 for more information. The call center should be active by the end of the weekend.


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