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Saturday, July 22, 2006


The Oman Free Trade Agreement (OFTA) was FORCED through the House of Representatives this week, with Republicans in Congress again choosing priorities that undermine fundamental workers' rights and compromise our national security.

***Thanks to J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) and the rest of the Republican leadership, we have now given Dubai Ports World, a back door into the ports of our country.

House Democrats stand for free and fair trade agreements that include enforceable labor rights that follow basic, core principles. This is crucial to ensure that American companies and workers won't be disadvantaged by unfair competition from countries that don't adhere to these core standards. But OFTA does not have core labor principles in it, does not lift the standards of workers in Oman, and is unfair to American workers. OFTA also includes language that allows foreign intrest to own or manage American ports. The safety of our shores are parmount to out national security, and OFTA takes that security out of American hands.

House Democrats support free and fair trade that benefits American families and raises the living standards of workers at home and abroad. Our economic future depends on our ability to grow, innovate, and compete in the global marketplace. But OFTA is not about growth, innovation or competitivesness. It is a flawed plan that fails American workers, American families, and the American people.

Leader Pelosi on OFTA:


Democratic Whip Steven Hoyer on OFTA:



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