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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


North Korea fired up to six missiles yesterday. One was a supposed long-range missile capable of reaching the United States. Keep in mind though, that the regime is not capable of actually making a nuclear warhead for these missiles and, too, the long-range missile failed only 30-seconds after being fired. This latest so-called crisis that Bush, Republicans and Rove will exploit for political gain is in the end, THE RESULT OF JUST ONE MORE FAILED BUSH POLICY.

As they had with Iran, the Bush administration refused to engage in direct talks with North Korea. Having bogged themselves down in Iraq, Bush and his people have pushed the North Korean issue off on onthers to solve. Not surprising, as was the case with Iran, BUSH AND THE REPUBLICAN GRAND PLAN HAS FAILED.

Prior to Bush and Republicans rise to power in America, the world had been moving toward a more peaceful place. Since Bush and the Republicans, however, the globe has become precariously dangerous. Aside from outright manipulating the American people into war in Iraq, Bush and Republicans have destabilized both the United States and the world through their incredible mastery of INCOMPETNECE. From Afghanastan to Iraq to Iran to Medicare to the nation's economy to gas shortages to millions losing healthcare coverage to Hurricane Katrina and FINALLY NORTH KOREA. BUSH AND THE REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED CONGRESS HAVE FAILED AT EVERYTHING THEY'VE DONE AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, FAILED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

For the time being, North Korea is not capable of arming their failed missiles with nuclear warheads, however, they will eventually obtain the ability if America and the world cannot devise a program to deter them. Bush's senseless refusal to engage North Korea imperils not only America, but threatens to further destabilize the planet. North Korea's firing of missiles highlights only one thing; ANOTHER BUSH FOREIGN POLICY FAILURE.

ONE MORE KEY NOTE: As during the attacks on 9/11 and the destruction caused by Hurrucane Katrina, GEORGE W. BUSH WAS ENJOYING A DAY OFF FROM WORK WHILE NORTH KOREA WAS BUSY FIRING MISSILES. Good work if you can get it!

Article By: A. Alexander
The Progresive Daily Beacon
July 5, 2006


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