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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Recieved this letter from a veteran and thought that it was right on the mark and I need to share it with you!

This is the contents of that letter:

Frankly, this is more eyewash and cosmetic as the leadership of various right-wing conservative leaning VSOs, and you folks know who they are as they begin following the lead of the VFW and start blatantly doing TV commercials endorsing ONLY Republican candidates for Congress.

Then when any other ethical VSO finally has the COURAGE to cry FOUL, they can put to this (for those who were in the NAVY) Destroyer Smoke Screen and say, LOOK we are all non-partisan organizations SEE, we put together this here Veterans Committee to ensure Veterans needs are taken care of during the War on Terror.

If the leaders of the VSOs were REALLY serious about ensuring Veterans needs were taken care of:

1). They would stop using the term War on Terror, because it just fuels the War effort, and creates more Disable Veterans out government is not going to take care of.

2). Raise holy hell that any VSO is allowing any members to endorse any candidate I don't give a rat's ass if they are in the Communist, Libertarian or Constitutionalist party, wearing their official VSO cap boldly saying VFW State Commander 1993/94 is a friggin official VSO endorsement.

If that is condoned, then I'm going to encourage VVA members in Ohio to start wearing VVA related gear and volunteer to do TV commercials for Democrat and Libertarian commercials. Given they will not get on the air, because the Republicans own the airwaves in OHIO, but you get my drift. SPEAK OUT BECAUSE IT IS WRONG!!!!!

3). If VSO leaders really cared about Veterans needs they would stop endorsing political candidates in TV commercials and start doing TV commercials promoting mandatory funding of the VA system INSTEAD of giving lip service. If half, just half the money, manpower, and effort place in the Flag Amendment that at least got it through the House Floor and onto the Senate Floor for a vote was placed by the leaders of our VSOs on mandatory funding of the VA (as opposed to lip service) America's Veterans might have a Veteran's budget that looks something like mandatory instead of now having to compete with Military Retirees with very scarce resources. Being a military retiree and official to boot, let me be frank. Us military retirees are going to have to have an advantage over YOU as long as YOUR War on Terror keeps a going (so really makes no difference to me) you are cutting your own throats. Everytime you are being hypocritical (me and mine are in a win-win situation except my military family already lost our soldier we have nothing more to lose so screw America).

Fellows, more and more of us younger Veterans are getting your numbers and we are seriously going to hit you where it hurts---MEMBERSHIP!

Do you seriously think Iraq and Afghanastan Veterans are going to join the Bar and Bingo Veterans organizations in large numbers whenever they can escape Donald Rumsfeld's machine, and yes that day will come as it did for those of you who ONCE had the courage to launch the Vietnam Veteran's Movement, then got old.

Yes gentlemen, more and more of us younger Veterans are getting your numbers and are seriously going to hit you where it hurts---MEMBERSHIP!

That frankly, is easier to do with the American Legion and VFW. They cannot live without the Bar and Bingo scene. Iraq and Afghanastan Veterans of America and Iraq Veterans Against the War. combined with Veterans for America shine a light on how "un-family oriented" the Bar and Bingo scene is with 90% of the users being non-Veterans, and WE have the statistics to prove it from in house Legion and VFW data and testimony---We the new generation of Veterans can play hell eith their liquor licenses in every state shutting down lord knows how many VFW and Legion Halss before we are finished.

Hope VVA does not do liquor licenses my friends. We should be focusing on Veterans benefits NOT getting them DRUNK as Skunks no matter what the noble cause pays for or benefit it serves the Veteran community.


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