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Friday, July 07, 2006


Baghdad, Iraq---Iraq's prime minister Wednesday demanded an independent inquiry of the rape-slaying of a girl and the killing of her family, saying the immunity from Iraqi prosecution enjoyed by U.S. forces "encouraged them to commit such crimes."

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose brief tenure has been marked by several high-profile allegations of abuse by U.S. forces, called for an Iraqi investigation---or at least a joint inquiry---into the March 12 rape and murder of Abeer Qassim Hamza, and the killing of her mother, father and sister at their home near Mahmoudiyath in the Baghdad area.

He also said the agreements under which U.S. led coalition troops enjoy immunity from prosecution by Iraqi courts should be reviewed.

"We believe that the immunity given to members of coalition forces encouraged them to commit such crimes in cold blood [and] that makes it necessary to review it," al-Maliki told reporters in Kuwait.

***Aren't we trying to win the hearts and the minds of the Iraqi people? If so, this is not how we should be doing it. They didn't trust us to begin with and now look at what these troops are doing. They aren't all like this at all, but somebody has to stop the ones that are doing this. Maybe if not only the troops that are doing this, but their CO's and others up the chain of command were to be found responsible, this may stop! Instead of Bush doing signing statements to protect these guys, he should hold them responsible so that they would think twice about what they are doing. And all of the drugs that Bush is allowing to be pumped into our soldiers to keep them calm shouldn't be allowed either. These drugs do cause personality changes and sometimes it's not always for the best.

Al-Maliki spoke two days after former Army Pfc. Steve D. Green was charged in federal court in Charlotte, N.C., with rape and four counts of murder. Green was held without bond. At least four other U.S. soldiers still in Iraq are under investigation.


In Baghdad, an American military spokesman stressed that the U.S. command was taking the allegations seriously and would discuss al-Maliki's demands when he returns from a tour of Persian Gulf countries.

"We are here as guests of the Iraqi government. They are a sovereign nation," Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said. "When the prime minister gets back, the coalition will engage with him and discuss what he wants to discuss."

At least 24 people were killed Wednesday in attacks nationwide, including six who died in a car bombing outside of a Sunni mosque in a mostly Shiite area of northwestern Baghdad. Fourteen others were wounded in that attack, police said.

Source of Information: Chicago Sun-Times
By: Kim Gamel
Associated Press
July 6, 2006


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