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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


On a bend in the Tigris River in north Baghdad people try to prevent their children from seeing the headless and tortured bodies that drift ashore every day. The numbers of civilians being killed in Iraq may top 1,000 a week in July after reaching 3,149 in June.

***Thanks to the three stooges that lied us into Iraq! Bush/Cheney/Rove!

I have been visiting Baghdad in peace and war sice 1978 and I have never seen this city of 6 million people so paralyzed by fear. The streets are empty in the middle of the day because Sunni and Shiite Muslims are terrified of running into a checkpoint manned by members of the other community who may kill them after a glance at their identity cards.

***I thought Bush said that we have "turned another corner." To where? A living hell? Why does the Bush Administration and the Republicans continue to lie and tell us that things are going well? I just can't understand their logic! Worse though, are the people that believe them.

Civil war is raging across central Iraq. Baghdad, a city whose population is almost the same as London, is splitting into hostile and heavily armed districts. Minorities, be they Sunni or Shiite, are being killed of forced to flee. People dare not even take their furniture in case this might alert their neighbors to their departure and lead to their deaths. Sunni no longer let the mostly Shiite police enter their districts.

"If this isn't civil war," a senior Iraqi official said last weekend, "I don't know what is."

It is at this moment that the new Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, arrived in London to see Prime Minister Tony BLair and to deny Iraq is sliding into civil war. He spoke confidently about disarming militias. He has now gone to the U.S. to see President Bush, and, if he follows the ignoble and cowardly tradition of Iraqi leaders visiting the U.S. over the past three years, will most likely repeat what he said in London.

***If the Iraqi Prime Minister goes against the U.S., Bush will only have more elections. This country wasn't turned backed over to the Iraqis like Bush claims. The U.S. is running that country. Bush and the Republicans are running that country into the ground just like they are running this country into the ground! They are looking for the "end days" that their religion predicts. Don't they realize that they are the ones causing it! Your damned right they know that they are causing it. They think that those who survive are the ones selected by God. The only reason they will survive is because they'll be in a bunker somewhere! But, they'll have to come out of that bunker sometime, won't they?

"When our so-called leaders go to Washington they always produce a rosey picture of what is happening in Iraq for Americans, though they know it is a lie," sighed one veteran Iraqi politician.

Iraqi leaders are not what the seem. They live in the Green Zone, the heavily fortified enclave guarded by U.S. troops, in the heart of Baghdad. Many never leave it except for extensive foreign travel. Eighteen months ago, an Iraqi magazine claimed to have discovered that at one point the entire cabinet was out of the country at the same time.

The government remains reliant on the U.S. One former minister told me: "There is a culture of dependency. Part of the time the Americans treat us as a colony, part of the time as an independent country."

Al-Maliki became prime minister only because the U.S. and Britain were determined to get rid of his predecessor, Ibrahim al-Jaafari. Al-Maliki is inexperienced, personally isolated without his own kitchen cabinet, guarded by U.S. guards and heavily reliant on shadowy U.S. advisers.

The quasi-colonial nature of the Iraqi government may not be obvious to outsiders who see that it has been dramaticlly elected. But its independence has always been a mirage.

***Hezbollah expected Israel to attack them, but not until September or October. Things have gotten so bad in Iraq, that the U.S. and Israel made the attack now. Why? Because Iraq has gotten so bad that that's all that would have been in the news. It's contradicting everything that Bush and the Republicans have been saying about Iraq. They had to get it out of the news! Dont forget, the elections are coming up and the Democrats would slaughter them with everything going on in Iraq. Some of you may be asking, "but would they go this far?" Yes! They went to Iraq based on nothing, didn't they?

For instance, its own intelligence organization should be essential to a government fighting for its life against a violent insurgency. At first sight, Iraq may appear to have one under Maj.-Gen. Mohammed al-Shahwani, but it has no budget because it is funded directly by the CIA, to the tune of $110M to$160M a year and, not surprising, it is to the CIA that it first reports. Not surprising, Iraqis will need a lot of convincoing that Al-Maliki is not one more U.S. pawn.

***Those who cannot see the al-Maliki is just another U.S. pawn are blind. They all were until they started seeing what is really going on there and started opening up their mouths. That's when Bush has re-elections. Anybody who thinks that Bush is doing a good job in Iraq are sheep. Baaaaaaaah!

In theory he should be in charge of a substantial army force. The number of trained Iraqi soldiers and police has grown from 169,000 to 264,000 this June. But the extra 105,000 armed men have not only made no difference to security in Iraq but that security has markedly deteriorated over the past year. The reason is that the armed forces put their allegiance to their own communities---Kurd, Sunni or Shiite---well before their loyalty to the state. Shiites do not believe they will be defended from a pogrom by Sunni units and the Sunni feel the same way about Shiite units.

***This is a civil war! That's what happens. You protect your own. It's called survival!

This is why the militias are growing in strength. Everybody wants an armed militia from their own community to defend their neighborhoods. In any case, the largest political parties making up the present Iraqi government---the Kurds and the two biggest Shiite religious parties---all have their private armies, which they are not going to see dissolved.

***One day, all of these militias are going to turn on the U.S. troops there. After we showed them everything we know!

Not only is al-Maliki's suggestion that the militiamen might be stood down unture but also the trend is entirely the other way. The army and police are themselves becoming sectarian and ethnic militias. This makes absurd Bush's and Tony Blair's claim that at some stage the U.S.-trained Iraqi security forces will be strong enough to stand alone.

Al-Maliki's visit to Washington has more to do with the White House's domestic political agenda than with the dire reality of Iraq. The Bush administration wants to have live Iraqis say in the lead-up to mid-term elections in November that progress is being made in Iraq. A frustration of being a journalist in Iraq is that the lethal anarchy there cannot be reported without getting oneslf killed in the process.

Can anything be done to lead Iraq out of this savage civil war even if it is now too late to stop it? Friction among Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds was always likely after the fall of Saddam Hussein. But what has divided the communities most is their differing attitude to foreign occupation. Ending this is essential if this war is to be brought to an end.


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