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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


WASHINGTON, July 15 (UPI)---A U.S. House committee wants to know what contacts convicted lobbyist Abranoff and his team had with the Bush White House, it was reported Saturday.

***The only reason the Republicans would be doing this is so that they can "cover-up" any of these findings. There is no way that the Republicans are going to do any type of investigation of the Bush administration. They are the White House's lapdogs! Especially this close to the elections!

The House Government Reform Committee subpeoned records from the Greenberg Traurig law firm "referring or relating to matters involving Jack Abramoff or any person working with Jack Abramoff," as well as all records reflecting any contacts those lobbyists had with the Bush White House, the Post said.

The subpeona seeks records dating back to Jan. 1, 1998. Abramoff began working for Greenberg Traurig in 2001.

Committee Chairman Thomas Davis (R-VA), authorized the subpoena weeks ago, citing several of the law firm's former clients who said they were notified the firm was turning over billing records, e-mails, phone logs and other material that reflected efforts to lobby the Bush administration.

***I guarantee you that all of these records will be held onto until after the elections. The same way that the Republicans held onto vital info right before the 2004 elections. That's why they did this. This way nothing can be leaked that they won't be able to lie their way through! Oh, they might release some of the info, but nothing that will hurt them during this election season.

Source of Info: United Press International-News Track
July 15, 2006


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