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Saturday, July 01, 2006


FOX News is in a bit of trouble. No, not for making up news or reporting false FOX "facts" that just happen to favor Bush and Republican causes, but rather the news network's ratings are falling...and falling. It is quite possible that FOX's falling numbers are due to their tendency to intentionally misrepresent reality. Whatever the cause, FOX News boss, Roger Ailes, has put the network's employees on notice: "Anyone who displays launch-type intensity will continue to have a job at Fox News. Those who don't, will not. And that includes talent."

At first, it appeared this Ailes-ian rant was aimed at those not performing with the proper general work intensity. I think it is about more than that.

I think the thing that truly worries Ailes is that CNN is gaining on FOX News in their "War on Democrats" and thereby, eating away at the networks audience of "homegrown" radical right-wing maniacs. Ailes isn't asking his people to display "launch-type intensity" when reporting what little real news the network covers. Ailes means he wants to see his people with that good-old FOX News wild-eyed Democrat hating gleam in their eye again.

He wants to see his anchors foaming at the mouth, belittling Democrats, refusing to let Democrats speak without being interrupted every other second. Ailes wants to see his peoples' hatred toward Democrats written large across their faces. He wants a return to that famously FOX News coddling and fawning over all things Republican and spittle flying from the anchor's lips when interviewing a Democrat. That is what Ailes means when he says heads ae going to roll, if he doesn't see "launch-type intensity" from his people.

Ailes means every FOX News employee had better launch into their Republican loving and Democrat hating mode. It is after all, an election year and it is FOX News's job to make sure Republicans make power.

Ailes wants his people to reengage in the "War on Democrats." He wants to make sure FOX doesn't lose their viewers to CNN's "War on Democrats." Ailes wants to ensure the audience of "homegrown" radical right-wing maniacs return to FOX News, so he can be dead-certain the people receive the official Republican message.

***I think the peope have finally figured out what FOX News is all about. It is nothing but a propaganda news station for the Bush White House. People don't like to be used and that is what FOX News does. They repeat themselves over and over and over again until they have pounded their ideas into the American publics' minds. Just as the White House does! I used to watch FOX News and I am ashamed to admit that. They used to be a "little" fair, but never balanced. It's too right wing for me. In fact, they have totally changed the way that I vote. Personally, I wouldn't vote for a Republican if you paid me too. They are all liars, sneaks and very manipulative people. History is not going to give them a very nice write up when all of the truth comes out.


  • At 9:24 AM, Blogger Janet;s Conner said…

    ***Sorry, but I have been forgetting to give credit to those whose articles I post lately, just like I did with this story.

    Source of Article: The Progressive Daily Beacon
    By: A. Alexander
    July 1, 2006

    My apologies A.


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