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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Easy as it is to pick on Republicans for being wholesale hypocrites and the incubator of failed fiscal, economic, and military policies and strategies---they do deserve some credit. As incompetent as Republicans are, they are the all-time undisputed champions at one thing: ENGINEERING CRISIS AND THREATS WHERE NONE ACTUALLY EXIST.

Iraq was never a threat to America, but Bush and Rove put on an Oscar-worthy Hollywood-like production and made the country's hapless and hopeless so-called leader, Saddam, into a super-duper al-Qaeda supporting and WMD producing mega-threat. But until Bush and Rove created the Iraqi "threat" and made it into a "crisis," neither Saddam or Iraq was neither.

***But there is some that are stupider than Bush and Rove and those are, the people that believe them. Don't these people know that they are being used and Bush and Rover are laughing at their stupidity?

Prior to the Republicans and Rove making gay marriage a campaign issue, can anybody remember the nation having been overrun by hordes of "homos" stampeding toward the alter? Too, really, just how many "hetero" marriages exploded, imploded, eroded, or fell to pieces because the occasional Tim and Tom or Jen and Jane got hitched? Frankly, before Republicans and Rove made gay marriage into a national crisis, how many people cared one way or the other if Tim and Tom or Jen and Jane got hitched? The fact is, that America didn't have a "gay marriage problem" until Rove and Republicans made it into one.

No doubt about it, Republicans are incompetent bungling dunderheads when it comes to governing, but they do deserve a bucket-load of credit for their unrivaled ability to create crisis and threats where none ever existed, currently exist, or will ever exist. Too, it is rather incredible that they seem to get better and better at their ability to make crisis situations and threats out of nothing but their overactive political imagination.

Sure, Iraq and gay marriage were impressive defeats and no doubt Disney would kill to have people with even half the Republican's powers of imagination, but compared to Rove and the Republican's latest concoction those two non-issues, non-crisis, and non-threats are nothing!

What is the latest Republican and Rove non-crisis crisis and non-threat? Well, it's something called "fetus farming."

Fetus farming, as described by Republicans would be a truly gruesome thing...IF ONLY IT EXISTED. See, for Republicans, stem cell research is a big loser issue because even though a large majority of Americans support the idea---Republicans are against it. Republicans do not want paralyzed people, people with Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and a host of other conditions and diseases to be cured. Why don't Republicans want those suffering from these problems to be cured? They don't want them to be cured because the cure is likely to come through stem-cell research. And stem-cell research is opposed by the Republican Party's radicalized Christian base (not to be confused with Christians that actually practive the teachings of Christ).

***When Bush or any of the Republicans say they support the troops, don't believe it! If they supported the troops, they would allow stem-cell research because this kind of research can help our troops have better lives! Many of them wouldn't have to become dependent on the VA to take care of them for the rest of their lives. But that's the thing! I think Republicans want to "CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL!" Control is what the weak do when they come into power!

Since the Republicans' radical Christian base is opposed to stem-cell research, Republicans cannot support it. If Republicans supported the science that could lead to so many cures, the radicals wouldn't vote for them and they'd lose power. For Republicans, that people might have to suffer greatly because of their addiction to power doesn't matter. So, instead of Republicans debating the real issue of stem-cell research, they created out of their very own imaginations the notion of "fetus farming." So, you ask, is fetus farming actually existed what would it be?

Assuming fetus farming existed outside the fertile Republican and Rove's imagination, it would consist of either women becoming pregnant and then the organs and tissues of their fetus' being "harvested," or growing a fetus in an "artificial uterus" and "harvesting" the tissues of that fetus. Pretty gruesome!

This is, IT DOESN'T HAPPEN! No doctor or researcher in the United States would perform such an unethical act. "Fetus farming" is just another Republican and Rove engineered crisis and threat that doesn't actually exist. Have to give Republicans credit, THEY CAN'T GOVERN TO SAVE THEIR LIVES, but they are the all time champs at CREATING PROBLEMS WHERE NONE EXIST.


posted by Angela
on July 18th, 2006 at 7:53AM

So true! From the stealing of the election 2000, til this day, the GOP has forced us to live in their lying fantasy land. Fetus Farming, indeed! Like the WIZARD OF OZ, pull back the curtain on the crazy Bush Crew and you'll find a bunch of nasty liars, who mean to do us all harm, at all costs, with the fear machine grinding away.

posted by Dale Peters
on July 18, 2006 at 8:55AM

FETUS FARMING? What a low-life tactic, just like Bush saying he will veto stem cell research! Stem cell research could help a lot of people. Plus Mr. Bush, help wounded troops that you claim to support! Rove, it's time to grow up and stop with the wedge issues. This country is in deep trouble both here and overseas.

posted by Kevin Schmidt, Sterling, VA
on July 18th, 2006 at 3:24PM

There may be no such thing as "fetus farming." But the Republicans are experts at "full of shit farming!"

posted by Prevere
on July 18th, 2006 at 3:40PM

Rove has no credibility. He is a treasonous rat who should be doing hard labor in the 100 degree heat. Pop goes the weasel!

posted by Bill Trembley
on July 18th, 2006 at 5:08PM

Very good point about Rove creating fear and hate over non-issues---the sad thing is though, that millions of hypocritical Christians believe in these lies as part of their race to the rapture. I'm convinced that people should pass a "No, I'm not a Neanderthal" test, before being allowed to vote for President of the United States-the-make-up of such "Christians" without a doubt disproves any intelligent design theory.

posted by cheryl
on July 18th, 2006 at 6:34PM

These villians and thier scare tactics are getting more laughable day by day!!!! I think Americans are getting sick and tired of this crap!!!!

posted by JKB
on July 18th, 2006 at 10:20PM

But you have to be impressed with the American public because "Democrats have no idea" so they vote Republican. They are right though, Democrats don't have any ideas of causing unnecessary death, pain or suffering in order to stay in power. OPERATIVE?

Source of Commentary: The Progressive Daily Beacon
A. Alexander
July 18, 2006


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