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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Ralph Reed, the former Christian Coalition executive director whose ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff dogged him in his run for lieutenant governor in Georgia, lost his Republican primary yesterday to Casey Cagle, a state senator. In recent days, Reed had enlisted the help of national figures like former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani and former Sen. Zell Miller in making automated calls to voters on his behalf, but the constant spotlighting of the Reed-Abramoff connection by his opponent and the news media forced him to run a lower-profile campaign.

***Both Giuliani and Zell Miller shouldn't run for any type of office again because they support such a jerk like Ralph Reed. The GOP had better get it through their heads that all Christians aren't like the whacked out right wingers that go along with Republicans, just because they are Republican. There are real Christians out there and they don't support the GOP anymore after all of their corruption. They aren't that way. And a lot of them are democrats, too!

The Georgia race was being watched by strategists in both parties as an indicator of how other Republicans with Abramoff ties, like Ohio Rep. Bob Ney and Montana Sen. Conrad Burns, might be affected in the midterm elections. Hours after Reed conceded last night, Burns challenger Jon Tester sent reporters a news clipping that suggested Reed's defeat spelled trouble for the Republicans elsewhere. The National Republican Congressional Committee sent reporters an analysis of yesterday's primary results for Georgia's House races, but it didn't mention the lieutenant governor's race.

***Anybody, and I mean anybody who had ties with Abramoff should not be elected into office. They are corrupt, liars and thieves and think that they are better that everyone else. Rep. J. Dennis Hastert, the Republican from Illinois "AND" Speaker of the House of Representatives should resign for his ties to Abramoff. He claims he has done nothing wrong but what else is he supposed to say?

In Georgia, Reed's work organizing conservative Christians to oppose the construction of new casinos, bankrolled by millions of dollars from Abramoff's Indian tribe clients, became a central focus of the campaign. "The campaign became almost a referendum on Reed... Cagle made Reed's character the most important issue," says Emory University political scientist Merle Black. "It really weakened Reed's support among evangelicals who would have been predisposed to support him in the past. It took other issues completely out of the campaign."

***We can't forget about J. Dennis Hastert either, especially because he is Speaker of the House. His head is so much in the clouds, he floats on air. Besides his ties to Abramoff, he has been caught up in land deals that he had inside information on. And let's not forget about his $1,000 a day fishing trips that have been paid for by the oil lobbyists. We know where his priorities lie and it's not with the people! The Hastert family has benefited from all of the perks from his office. Including his son who now works for GOOGLE as a lobbyist. It's time for someone else to take his seat! It makes you wonder why he didn't make any of his appearances over the 4th of July holiday, when veterans were there to question him about the budget cuts. Was he too afraid he would be confronted about the land deals?

Reed denies any wrongdoing. "I'm not focused on being a candidate in the future," he said in his concession speech. "I'm not focused on being a candidate in the future, but I'm glad I ran."

***Well Mr. Reed, you lied to all of your constituents. While you were preaching the good word of God to them, you were out wheelin' and dealin.' Like I said, all Christians aren't like most of the right wing nuts that you thought were your constituents! You did them wrong, Mr. Reed! Let's hope that these voters realize that they are being used by the right wing on the Christian right!

Source of Info: USNews
July 19, 2006


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