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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Goodness, I had no idea that the United States was in such a weakened state as Republicans insist the nation to be. (*They oughta know since they've been running it for 6 years now!) Sure, we all know the *Republicans' eonomic policy of cutting taxes and spending money on big oil companies have forced them to sell nearly three trillion dollars of debt to the Chinese and Saudis; *we all know the $400B frittered away in Iraq has weakened the nation's financial future; *we are all aware that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have nearly completely dismantled the entire Bill of Rights; *who isn't aware of FEMA's sorry state---*New Orleans makes it obvious as the nose on everyone's face that we can no longer rebuild our destroyed cities; *every American knows the borders are open for any member of al-Qaeda to enter undetected; *the nation's ports are literally unsecured; * education is teetering on becoming useless; *retirement programs are going the way of the dinosaur; *Medicare is an unholy mess; and, too, *while Bush and Republicans "stay the course" in Iraq and "cut and run" from reality, we are all aware that radical Islamists are taking over entire countries, like Somolia. ***What none of us knew, myself included, is things had gotten so bad that if someone was to burn a flag, the entire nation would crumble.

I had no idea things had reached sich dire circumstances. Yet, burning a flag, according to the Republicans, could be the straw that finally broke the nation's back. So vital is it to the Republic's well being that Republicans had cleared the Senate schedule this week, so they could attempt to pass an amendment against burning the flag, and, thereby rescue the nation.

Guess, it is lucky for "We the People" to have such dedicated and brave representation in Washington, DC. I mean, "We the People" weren't even aware the nation was teetering on the precipice of collapse and that only a flag burning amendment could save us from certain disaster. I guess, that is the job of our elected officials---ensure "We the People" don't become victims of their own ignorance.

A cynic might think the Republican controlled Senate would consider *passing legislation aimed at balancing the nation's budget, *fixing immigration, *repairing schools, *making college education affordable for working families, *improving health care or, perhaps, *devising a plan for energy independence. But that cynic would be wrongheaded and ignorant of the facts! The number one problem facing America today; the greatest and most grave danger lurking out there in the shadowy and dangerous world, is a togue citizen putting a match to the flag.

We are talking about "homegrown flag-burners!"

Imagine if say, a rebellious college student were to torch a flag; *The Twin Towers might again crumble, *the Pentagon be attacked, *a plane crash in a farmers field somewhere in Pennsylvania, *another million people tossed off the health insurance rolls, *more schools failing, *thousands of senior citizens without Medicare coverage, *even more chaos in Iraq, *a complete takeover in Afghanastan by the Taliban, *and even less energy availability. I mean, this flag burning thing is THAT serious! Who knows what might happen to this nation were a flag to be burned? Well, let me tell you what would happen, and this is no joke because the Republicans tell me so, the country would probably disintegrate. Were it not for the flag burning amendment and all the time Republicans have dedicated to it---the Iraqis would never be able to "stand-up so we can stand down."

Don't laugh! This is super-duper serious business. The country is in such dire straights now, that a burning flag could bring the nation crashing down around all our ears. Who knew the United States had become so fragile? (*All under the Republicans ruling both Houses and the White House!) We need to stop the "homegrown flag-burners" beore it is too late!

Commentary by A. Alexander
The Progressive Daily Beacon
June 28th, 2006

posted by Angela
on June 28th, 2006 at 5:25PM

By the way, how many flags do we see today flying proudly in the breeze? Where are they? I hope no one is secretly burning them? Ah, that's a joke! Congress would have nothing to do if they don't bring out the flag burning thing, or gay marriages, or family planning, etc. We elected them to do their job, isn't this one of them? Hmmmmmmmmmm! No Flag Burning. Bombs are O.K. We have such a healthy minded administration, it's so hard to keep our flag flying high, when they are doing their damnest to walk all over our beloved flag, along with our Constitution. Why burn the flag when we have those in the White House doing a fine job of trashing the American Flag, for ll the world to see! Whay am I missing here?


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